We could easily write a guide with the title 100 ways technology makes our lives easier, but for this guide, we decided to include four very useful pieces of tech that have changed the way we go about our day to day lives. Not all 3 suggestions in this guide will apply to you, but hopefully, after you have read how they have helped many other people, you may consider doing further research to find out more and whether any of these pieces of tech will help you.

1.      Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets are now available and legal to use in the large majority of countries around the world. This was not always the case. Before Bitcoin becoming a global phenomenon there was rarely any news about cryptos. However, in 2017 that all changed as BTC as well as numerous other cryptos started to increase on value. In the case of bitcoin, it rose from around $500 up to $20,000. Cryptos and exchanges have made making borderless payments much easier and cheaper.

For example, you can use PayPal to make a foreign transfer and not only do you get crushed on the exchange rate, but you are also charged 5% of the total transaction. On the other hand, if you upload your currency into BTC and send it, and the receiver converts it to their currency on their side, the entire transaction fee is around 0.5% on most exchanges. That makes a huge difference.

2.      VPN Software

VPNs are now becoming increasingly popular. We are seeing them advertised on our email ads, on website ads, and on free games, we play on our phones. There is a good reason for this too. VPNs are incredibly useful and a bargain to subscribe to. One of the main reasons people use them is for privacy so they can search websites without being tracked, and the VPN servers do not record account activity because they are companies that do not fall under the laws of the EU or US.

Another use for VPNs is streaming movies overseas or bypassing geo-blocks on websites. For example, if you live in Finland and want to access the US version of Netflix you can use Amerikan Netflix suomessa service to achieve this.

3.      Portable Solar Power Chargers

Did you know there is now such a thing as a portable solar power charger? They are obviously in early development but are incredibly useful for keeping your smartphone or tablet charged. They can also be used to recharge another useful piece of tech which is the power bank! If you are someone that regularly finds yourself stuck without electricity for long periods, then look into purchasing a 10W solar charger that comes delivered complete with a zip-up case.

In light of the recent coronavirus, an increasing number of people are no preparing for other potential disasters that could come by looking for a solar solution not just for portable use, but also for their home.