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It is time to face it, You’re not Tony Stark. (You are likely not Elon Musk.) But fortunately it is the 21st century, and using a little imagination and some money to spare, you can purchase yourself gadgets which will really provide you a number of Iron Man’s superpowers.

Using all these nine gizmos, you are able to strengthen your own body (or fill your own garage ) with sufficient innovative technology to turn yourself into a real life Avenger.

Pyro Fireshooter

Throw fireballs using the Pyro. Source: Ellusionist through Bloomberg

Spider-Man includes his webs, Iron Man those energy beams, and you can shoot fireballs from your hand. Well, in the wrist, actually. The Pyro Fireshooter ($174) straps on your wrist and may transport four fireballs’ value of charge indoors, even though a distance you hold on another hand activates the apparatus. We can not suggest it for actual crime fighting, but you should probably keep a bucket of water handy anyhow.

Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit

A more formal solution to this flak vest. Resource: Garrison Bespoke through Bloomberg

Your armor can currently be office-appropriate. Rather than thick, sweat-inducing Kevlar, Garrison utilizes lighter carbon nanotubes to bulletproof the cloth it chooses to custom-tailor your bespoke suit.

The terms”mild” and”comfy” are likely relative here, but you are not purchasing a lawsuit similar to this for summer lounging. Whether Garrison says or not, pinstripes are 100% demanded. Price is on request only.

Thalmic Labs’ Myo Armband

This Armband Makes Minority Report’s Technology a Reality

We are reaching peak Star Wars mania at this time, and while Jedi are not superheroes (do not even attempt to start that struggle –you are likely to shed ), these hand-waving mind-control forces are entirely enviable. Together with the Myo armband ($199), you are able to control your pc and the digital devices around you simply by gesturing. It makes cleaning your in-box feel like travel into a galaxy far, far away. (Now you only need to determine how to get this to work in your own coworkers.) You can also check with Fleshlight

Kangoo Jumps

They are not just Flash Gordon trendy, but they will force you to run better. Resource: Kangoo Jumps through Bloomberg

I most likely don’t even need to let you know what these do. The title pretty much says everything. Type of like-minded meets pogo stick suits workout trend, the Kangoo Jumps ($249) do not really shoot you quite far into the atmosphere but rather reduce impact, permitting you to run further for more.

They make you seem like an entire dork, so purchase them in matte black and possibly restrict their usage into a secret lair.

Seek Thermal XR Camera

Your iPhone can see in the dark up to nearly 2,000 feet off. Source: Hunt through Bloomberg

Periscope is creepy –we do not want people walking around with Superman-like X-ray eyesight. However, with the Seek Thermal XR ($299), your iPhone can detect heat signatures in pitch-black terms up to nearly 2,000 feet off.

Search urges using it to monitor games or to scan your campsite for harmful creatures before turning . We propose playing with the coolest sport of hide-and-seek you have ever seen. Or maybe not seen. Whatever. I hope you like reading this article.