Neon signs are a great way of bringing visibility to a business and also of business promotion and endorsement. Hence the choice for the same has to be such that it reflects the values and ethics of the business as the same time enables a business to promote its products. However, in order to ensure that the neon sign chosen is appropriate and helps to bring about an increase in the business volume, there are certain questions which every business owner needs to ask.

Some important factors to consider

Thus, in order to get More Information on the type and design of the neon sign that one needs for the concerned business, the selections of the following factors are very important.

  • Building size: This is a determining factor in coming to a conclusion regarding the size of the neon sign to be chosen. There are two things to consider here:
    • The size of the building and
    • The storefront.

The larger the building the bigger should be the neon sign since the sign would look insignificant otherwise. On the other hand placing a big sign on a small building will again make it seem inappropriate. The placement and size of the storefront also has a role to play. Since the storefront is generally situated on the roads and street, it always helps to have a neon sign which is neither too large nor too small. A neon sign which is about 10 to 12 feet in length generally suffices for all sizes of storefronts.

  • Colours: Choosing the colours properly again adds weightage to the neon sign put up. And the choice of colours also depends on the products being sold. The business logo too needs to be taken into consideration since the logo helps in brand building. Hence while some businesses demand a jazzy and bright sign, there are others which demand the controlled elegance of the softer colours of neon lights. However, a mixture of both jazzy and soft colours is generally considered to be a perfect combination since:
    • The softer colours help tone down the effect of the more gaudy ones and
    • The jazzy colours help to bring out the best effect in the soft colours used.
  • Fonts: The general rule is to avoid any font which may be hard to read. The idea behind using a neon sign is to bring visibility to the business but if it becomes difficult for potential customers to fathom what the neon sign says, then the business stands to lose a lot of clients. In order to prevent this, the font of the neon signs should be such that it is attractive and alluring and at the same time legible enough to be read even from a distance.
  • Design: While it is most important to have the company’s logo on display, today technological advancements have made it possible to create a design which includes the company logo and yet be unique and attractive. Thus there are many choices available which are a perfect combination of letters, images, silhouettes etc. Choosing the design again needs to be done carefully since it will help showcase the mission and the vision of the company and thus helps in building and cementing the brand.

While the above points are important from a creative point of view, it is the budget or the amount that a business sets aside for the neon sign which ultimately rules the choice of the same. While big companies and organisations can afford to spend a fortune and get the most creative neon signs made by professional, experienced and reputed designers, today it is also possible for small and medium sized businesses to invest a small amount yet get the best that money can buy.

But it just requires some effort for people with a small budget since they have to get involved and think carefully before finalising on the size, colour, design etc of the neon sign. While there might be instances when one might need to compromise on one of the factors, the other features should be so chosen that it compensates for the same. Ensuring this will automatically translate into an increase in the business volumes in the times to come.