The complex procedure for analyzing follicle to determine the presence of illicit substances is something marijuana users would rather avoid. Effects of this light drug will be gone in a few hours (find out how marijuana affects us on this page), but its metabolites will stay in the hair for a long time. That’s why hair drug testing may indicate chronic opiate use, given the relatively long detection period of nearly three months.

In addition, this type of drug test has a wide range of opiates it examines. Based on this, several dozen ‘panels’ have been developed for various combinations of metabolites which presence in the body will be analyzed.

Passing a Hair Drug Test with Detox Shampoo

A hair drug test can’t tell if someone used opiates yesterday, or a few days ago. It takes about a week for toxins to be transferred from the bloodstream to sebum and follicle. If you’ve been using pot during this period, as for this type of drug test, you’re safe. But any other analysis will very quickly detect drug metabolites in body fluids.

When the metabolites are incorporated into the follicle, they remain very long (unless you remove all hair you have). Only after three months, the concentration of toxin in follicles will start to drop. However, if you are expecting a drug test soon, you don’t have that much time.You need to find alternative ways to make your sample clean (or at least reduce the concentration of marijuana metabolites to the level of detection).

As seen on this site, detox shampoos have proven to be reliable, and you have a wide choice at your disposal. Which one you’ll choose depends on how much time you have before giving the sample, but also on the frequency of marijuana use and a financial capability (some of these products can cost several hundred dollars).

Is Hair Drug Test Unbeatable?

This type of test is particularly challenging to cheat, but it is not impossible. With mandatory abstinence and the use of quality detox products, the negative result is guaranteed. Basically, a hair follicle test is announced several days in advance (it has no purpose in determining the immediatedrug use).

You need to stop using marijuana immediately, and it’s desirable to start the detoxification of the hair as soon as possible. If you have enough time, you can do self-check with some of the at-home tests. If it’s negative (in case of light users and occasional use of opiates), you’re good to go. But if it’s positive, get yourself a detox shampoo and start removing toxins from your scalp and follicle.

Shampoos for Detoxification

The hair consists of dead cells, but the part below the scalp is ‘alive’ and active. It pushes the dead cells to promote growth. If you used opiates a couple of days ago, they have already been incorporated into this dead part and are above the scalp. If you stopped using marijuana, new metabolites would not get into the follicle, but you won’t get rid of those old ones either. So, regular wash won’t help.

Check on the following link how drug traces get into hair:

Detox shampoo is similar to deep wash products. Dead cells can’t regenerate and cleanse all by themselves. It is, therefore, necessary to weaken them so that toxins can come out of their corps. Yes, it means that you have to damage your strands.

It has been noticed that detox shampoos have a better effect on people with bleached or colored hair. The reason – due to aggressive chemicals, the hair becomes thinner, brittle and damaged, and the shampoo penetrates toxins within the follicles.

Removing drug metabolites will be even more effective if you apply the shampoo directly to the scalp. In addition to removing drug traces from the surface, a mild massage of the scalp during each washing will stimulate the circulation, and hence the growth of the new, ‘clean’ cells. This will not particularly help you to pass a drug test, but it will help your follicles recover from aggressive chemicals.

Many detox shampoos and kits won’t do the job. They only remove surface traces. Hair analysis tests the core of the strands where toxins are incorporated. So before purchasing, check out what ratings and recommendations have a specific product.