Whether you create your website yourself via WordPress or outsource the development of your website, there are always things you should pay attention to. Some elements may make a lot of sense while you haven’t thought about other parts. The tips below are very important to me. Investing in this will certainly ensure better findability and more conversion. You should pay attention to this when creating a website:

1. Good Responsive Design

Nowadays you cannot avoid optimizing your site for all platforms. Not only are people looking through computers and laptops, smartphones and tablets also form a large part of the online traffic. Your site must, therefore, be displayed both horizontally and vertically and be readable on small screens. Web designers know exactly how to apply this. And most of the current templates that you can download are also built on this.

  1. Clear Navigation

The more extensive the website, the more important is the navigation. Make sure it is clear and you can quickly find what you are looking for. you should be able to access every page in a maximum of 3 clicks. If not, people drop out. But not only the depth of the navigation is important, but also the user-friendliness. Do not make it too small, put it in a logical place and always clearly indicate where you are on the website.

3. Appearance

The advantage of a website is that you can design it yourself. Do you want him purple-purple with orange dots? Do good if that’s your style! As a photographer, it makes sense to choose a very visual website. After all, you sell images edited and retouched with quality software and a free pc photo editor, then it is nice if visitors get a good impression of your previous work.

4. SEO is key!

A website is nice, but with your amazing photos edited with a free pc photo editor, you also have to be found. Of course, you share your site via social media, but this does not necessarily generate new potential customers. A place high at the top of Google’s search results is a dream for everyone. Because if you are found on the keywords that are important to you, it is much more likely that this visitor can be converted into a customer.