5 Extremely Inappropriate And Awkward Things To Be Caught Staring At

Do you ever find yourself staring off into space, simply collecting your thoughts or just finally giving your brain a break? Normally, it happens without you even realizing what you’re doing and soon, you find yourself in a blissful state of oblivion where nothing matters. That is, until you realize you were looking directly at something or someone you probably shouldn’t be making extended eye contact with.

We’ve all been there, and there’s often no real way to recover from the situation, especially if you’ve been caught in the act! Your best bet is to shrug, smile and move along – maybe throw in an apologetic look for good measure!

1. Someone’s crotch

Talk about looking like a pervert! We know, we know, they moved into your line of sight – you didn’t want to be staring at his package. Life isn’t fair, honey, and now it looks like you’ve been ogling at some dude’s junk. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that his zipper wasn’t down at least! Though, if his zipper was down, the whole experience probably was more embarrassing for him than it was for you.

2. Another girl’s boyfriend

Once again, your innate nature to space out has put you in a spot. You’ve just come back to planet Earth and you realize you’ve been staring right at another girl’s man. To make matters worse, she’s now glaring at you – a clear indication that she’s noticed your extended gaze. I typically pretend to stare off right past the couple whenever this happens to me. I then pray that they move off quickly so it looks as if I was never staring at them at all! No, I was simply admiring the scenery.

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3. A giant zit on your friend’s forehead

Pimples are perfectly normal – everybody gets them. Most of the time, people don’t even realize they’re there until you point it out. If a friend has already asked you if the pimple looks bad and you later find yourself spacing out straight at it, you can imagine she’s not going to be too happy with you. No matter how much you try to convince her you weren’t staring, the chances of her believing you are very, very small (unlike that zit). Whoops!

4. An actual perv creepin’ on you

This is probably one of the most uncomfortable ones. You’re innocently zoning out and fail to realize that you’re staring right at a man who appears to be giving you cheeky looks. Now he thinks you were checking him out too and you have no idea how to get out of this! Once you realize what you’ve been doing, it’s probably too late. He’s approaching you and is about to start making small talk. Try getting up and walking away casually before he can get close enough to talk, or stick your phone to your ear like you’re answering a phone call!

5. Your crush

You’ve been so careful not to let him know that you’ve been checking him out from afar – and then your ‘spacey’ ways just had to let the cat out of the bag. Once again, you weren’t even looking at him to begin with! He just decided to conveniently sway into your line of sight while you weren’t paying attention. When you realize what you’re doing, you turn about 3 shades redder and now it couldn’t be more obvious that he makes your heart go giddy!

How many of these situations have you been in? And how did you manage to redeem yourself? We’d certainly appreciate any tips we can get on how to make the whole experience a little less uncomfortable!

If it makes you feel any better, so many of us have been there. I still don’t think I’d be able to change my ways – there’s just something so relaxing about being able to switch of your brain for a few minutes and think about absolutely nothing. I guess if being caught staring inappropriately or giving myself away about who I have a crush on are the worst things that could happen, I’ll live!

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