6 Things Guys Do When We Drag Them Along Shopping

No one’s done the research, but I’m going to venture a guess and say 95% of men hate shopping. Like, hate hate. Absolutely abhor, unless of course, there’s something they need to buy.

Now, that’s just inconvenient for us girls. Again, there’s no statistic but I’m guessing like, 90% of women love shopping – and with a passion. What this means is a lot of poor boyfriends being dragged along by their girlfriends to the malls. While there, I’ve noticed a certain pattern to the way men behave when we drag them along shopping.

Perhaps you’ll find some of these 6 things familiar…

1. They complain

It’s barely been an hour but already, his feet are hurting. His back is aching. He’s got a headache. And when you give in and say ‘ok, let’s go home’, his ailments vanish – immediately. Maybe men really are allergic to shopping.

2. They derail your shopping agenda

So, you need an outfit – a full outfit, shoes and all – for an event. An hour into shopping, with 0% progress being made, he says he’s hungry. You oblige, find somewhere to eat, and later, somewhere to get a drink, and then, magically, all the time you initially had to shop is mysteriously gone. What a sneaky bugger…

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3. They find a surface to sit on

Older boyfriends will make themselves comfortable at the shoe section. Younger boyfriends who have zero f*cks to give, you’ll find sitting on the floor, or some elevated surface like the ones the mannequins stand/sit on. They legitimately do not care what people think. They’ll just whip out their phones and entertain themselves while on their surface of choice.

4. They train their patience

To be fair, we girls can take advantage of our poor boys sometimes. We say we’re done after 1 shop when we truly get done 10 shops later. We say 10 more minutes, but we go ahead and take another hour. Some of our partners are total sweethearts and let us have our way, even if they’re massively annoyed on the inside, and shopping with us is a training in patience for many of them.

5. They try to help

Emphasis on the word try. It’s really sweet when men try to help their women find something, but men’s tastes in women’s clothing are not created equal. Some guys are spot on and some guys… Not so much. And it’s totally fine, not to mention endearing, to watch them try. Even if it’s mostly misses, the one time they pick a hit makes you incredibly proud of them.

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6. They give ridiculous comments

After trying and failing too many times, guys can get disheartened and give up on seriously trying to help. Or they’ll want some attention. Or they just want to make you laugh. So, they make really silly comments about the clothes you pick off the racks or the clothes you’re trying on, and it can be pretty funny sometimes. At the end of the day, they’re just trying to entertain themselves while we drag them along to do something they truly do not enjoy, so I think it’s fair that they find a way to make it fun for them as well.

To me at least, it’s always funny to see guys lounging around on the seats at the shoe section or helping their girls out while they shop. Sure, they may look bored out of their minds, but I think it’s sweet for boys to tag along, and to keep on tagging along when their girl wants to shop, especially if they absolutely do not enjoy or see the logic in walking everywhere to hunt down one item – it truly is one of the small sacrifices of love they make for us everyday.

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