11 Things Women Who Carry Huge Bags Will Totes Understand

Some of us girls carry huge bags and will only accessorize with bags that can fit at least an A4-size paper in it – anything less is unacceptable. We need all the storage we can get and even if we don’t have anything to put in it, we like having the option. People may question if we really need to be carrying a bag that can hold a small animal (or two) in it, and the answer is yes. Yes, we do.

While many benefits come along with carrying around such huge storage, it has its downsides – downsides that affect others more than they do us. Here are 11 things women who lug around huge bags will totes understand.

1. Half the time, your bag basically has nothing in it

2. The other half, it’s full of all sorts of unnecessary crap

You have your umbrella, tissue paper, wet wipes, a box of plasters, panadol… You’re basically a real life Mary Poppins.

3. You’re a hazard on peak hour commute…

Many an innocent man/woman have been mauled by your humongous bag.

4. …and in narrow aisles

It’s not uncommon for things to fall off their shelves when you’re passing through.

5. You’re basically a hazard to humanity

6. Carrying a smaller bag is unthinkable

Where are you going to put all your rubbish? No, really.

7. You’re always losing your phone in your own bag

It’s a whole world down there.

8. Ditto your wallet

9. Shoulder aches are a way of life

That said, you have the deltoids to show for all the heavy lifting you’re doing on the daily.

10. You’re the go-to person when it comes to any shady business

…like sneaking food into the cinema.

11. Your giant bag has become a bit of a security blanket

You simply cannot imagine a life with less walk-around storage.

Realistically speaking, you don’t need that much carry-around storage in your everyday life. But down-sizing just isn’t in your cards – it’s like they say, go big or go home.

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