‘100 Days Of Overthinking’ – One Overthinker Embarks On Project To Stop Overthinking & Start Noticing Beauty In Her Surroundings

Many of us ladies have a penchant for overthinking. We overthink the text we just sent out, wondering if we were too forward. We overthink our actions, charting out all the ways they could be taken the wrong way. We overthink others’ actions: Do they like us? Do they hate us? Maybe that’s just the way they are? We get lost in our thoughts, worries and anxieties, and in doing so, fail miserably at being present and enjoying life’s moments as they come.

Well, one woman decided to do something about it.

In a bid to get out of her head and to start paying attention to life and the simple, beautiful things within it, a Brooklyn-based Dominican designer by the name of María Sanoja began the ‘100 Days Of Overthinking‘ project. Every day for 100 days, she draws something she notices in her surroundings and couples that with something she’s overthinking about, so as to be more conscious of her habits and to learn to let go.

The result is a fun series of illustrations and collection of thoughts that will surely strike a chord with those of you who overthink.

Life doesn’t have to be as hard or as complicated as it seems in your head. Every now and then, make the conscious effort to notice your surroundings and if it takes some drawing to do it, why not?

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All images from 100 Days Of Overthinking.

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