These New Celebrity Tattoos Will Inspire You To Get One (Or One More)

Tattoos are a huge decision. Because they stay on you for life, it’s a huge commitment and it can be tough to nail down exactly what you want done and where you want it. If you’ve been in a rut thinking about where and what to get for your next tat, or even your first tat, these latest celebrity tattoos are guaranteed to get those ideas going.

1. Cara Delevingne

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Just recently, the supermodel-slash-actress with the signature bushy brows got one more tat to add to her growing collection of quirky ones. This time, it’s a pair of hyper-realistic eyes on the back of her neck. Some say it’s creepy, and I’m not disagreeing. No word yet on what it means, but I’m venturing a guess it’s got something to do with watching your back.

2. Kendall Jenner

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When it comes to tattoos, models tend not to have the most freedom. Even a hair cut needs to be ‘OK’-ed by a whole bunch of industry people, since, well, models make a living off how they look. That would explain why Kendall chose this particular spot to place her tattoo. The older of the Jenner sisters tattooed the word “meow” on the inside of her lower lip, and apparently, she’s already had it for awhile. This would be the third member to her small family of discreet, practically secret tattoos. Her other two are tiny white ones on her middle finger – one of a whole heart and one of a broken one.

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3. Tove Lo

The Swedish pop star with the dirty mouth recently got herself inked while touring with Maroon 5 – a Lynx on the back of her hand. On her Instagram, she explains that in Swedish, “Lo” means lynx, a wild cat, and she considers it to be her spirit animal.

4. Rihanna

With rumors flying around that Rihanna and Drake are an item, this tattoo basically confirms those rumors are true. With the electric tension between them both on stage and on the screen, and of course, his very public declaration of love for her, that’s what I’m sure we all want to believe. The pop star got a camo shark tattooed to her ankle – a shark that’s pretty much an exact replica of a stuffed animal Drake bought Riri awhile back. I mean, they have to be together, right?

5. Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has a ton of ink up and down her body, so it’s pretty amazing how she had the space for this huge tat. Stretching from one shoulder blade to the other, the tattoo is 66 colour swatches numbered 1 to 66. We haven’t the faintest idea what’s going on with this tattoo, but it’s pretty nonetheless!

6. Halsey

The final one on this list is a goodie and you probably won’t be able to tell what it is immediately – I certainly didn’t. Placed right above her knee, this minimalist tattoo is actually two faces kissing. Yeah, now you see it. All of Halsey’s tattoos so far have had sentimental value to the Closer singer, so you can bet this one has a deeply personal meaning too.

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