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The B Word: 6 Things About Boobs That Would Surprise You

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Many of us girls are unhappy with our breasts. We don’t like them because they’re too small, or they’re too big, they’re uneven…

Regardless of how you feel about your set, breasts are actually an amazing part of the female body. They’re not just there to be admired – they’re there to perform the beautiful function of feeding your offspring. In fact, there are tons of fascinating facts about them too.

These 6 facts about breasts will have you looking at them with newfound appreciation.

1. Your breasts can impair men’s judgement

Ladies, if you want a man eating out of your hand, here’s a little piece of information that just might come in useful. Research has shown that men do worse on mental tasks after seeing images of busty women. The theory is men get so distracted by these well-endowed ladies that they can’t concentrate on other tasks! Who knew we women had such power?

2. Your boobs don’t weigh much at all


If you’re an A-cupper, your set only contributes ~326g to your total body weight. If you’re a modest B-cup, that goes up to ~448g; ~531g for those of you fuller C-cup ladies and ~759g for the more well-endowed ones of you rocking a D-cup.

3. Most people agree breast milk tastes sweet

The general consensus is that human breast milk is sweet, largely due to the high amount of lactose in it. Taste-testing the breast milk of anyone I know could potentially be very weird, not to mention awkward, so I think I’m just going to wait till I produce my own to verify if this is true.

4. Smoking leads to saggy breasts

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for health, but did you know smoking can also lead to prematurely saggy breasts? Smoking cigarettes breaks down elastin, a protein in the body that supports your breasts and keen them perky. Maybe you want to reconsider that next cigarette…

5. There’s no such thing as perfectly symmetrical breasts

If you’ve ever bemoaned the fact that your twins aren’t identical, don’t worry, no one else’s is – there’s no such thing as perfectly symmetrical boobs. Even if the girls are of the exact same size, your nipples may differ in size and even direction! Hey, it makes perfect sense – we have two hands, feet, ears, and they’re not perfectly identical either!

6. Weight gain and loss can really affect your boobs

I’m sure many of us have tried eating certain foods or more food in a bid to grow our breasts. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out for most of us, although technically, it should’ve. Breasts are a combination of fatty tissue and a system of glands and ducts, and those fatty tissues are hyper-sensitive to changes in weight and body fat. Sadly, we have no control over where we gain and lose fat, and as the universe will have it, many of us lose fat in our breasts when we lose weight and gain it everywhere else when we pile on the kilos.

Fascinating huh! Seeing as October is breast cancer awareness month, there’s no better time than now to not only appreciate our breasts, but to give them a little bit of lovin’. By that, I mean get them checked for potentially cancerous tumours. Breast cancer is highly treatable, but only if you discover and treat it very early on! Here are some 7 other breast cancer facts you should know about!


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