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5 Condoms You Didn’t Know Existed

In the world of condoms, we’ve heard of everything from tingling condoms to coloured condoms and in recent times, even printed condoms. Just when we thought condom innovation couldn’t get any weirder/crazier, the world went ahead and proved us wrong.

Here are 5 condoms that’ll have your jaws falling open and your sides hurting from equal parts shock and amusement. While most of us would probably stick to our trusty Durex-es, these condoms are definitely right up there in the cool/hilarious department.

1. LELO Hex

While some condoms may be uncomfortable to wear, especially due to their tendency to slip off or lessen the sensation of sex, this isn’t going to happen with the LELO Hex. The ‘Hex’ in the condom’s name is derived from the condom’s unique hexagonal structure which flexes and molds for comfort. With raised grooves on the inside of the condom, it’s said to provide a firmer grip on the penis to prevent slippage.

2. Wine condoms

Wait what? Is that wine-flavoured/themed condoms, or condoms for wine? If you guessed the second, you’re right. Wine condoms are wine bottle stoppers that look and function just like a condom. They’re air-tight and lock in the freshness of the wine, while keeping your wine bottle compact – you’ll no longer have problems fitting your wine bottles between the shelves in your fridge! They’re even packaged like condoms, so you don’t want to be confusing them with your Durex-es.

3. Animal Skin Condoms

Yes, it’s every bit as awful as it sounds. Animal skin condoms date back to as early as the Roman Empire. They’re typically made from lamb intestines and while they’re able to prevent pregnancy, they won’t keep you safe from sexually transmitted infections.

4. Vegan Condoms

You’re probably wondering when you’d ever have need for vegan condoms. To answer your question, many latex condoms contain a milk protein called casein. So, if you’re vegan and are big on sticking up for animal rights, you’re going to need to start looking for vegan alternative for your birth control. Typically, non-latex condoms are vegan as well, since the casein is primarily used to process the latex.

5. Temporary Tattoo Condoms

Like we said, we knew about printed condoms, but temporary tattoo condoms? That’s new, even for us! Maybe your man is a connoisseur of good art, and his idea of a perfect date is a trip to the art museum. If that’s the case, the next time things start getting hot and heavy, you might want to pull one of these out of your bag. It’s no Monet, but these temporary tattoo condoms will definitely leave his member more of a masterpiece than it was at the beginning.

Heard of any other weird/crazy condoms? Tell us about them – it’d definitely make our day!

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