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Quick Tips To Getting It On, So You Can Get Off

Condoms are a great way to prevent yourself from being exposed to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and from getting pregnant. They’re convenient to get, to apply, and they come in a mind-blowing assortment of textures, flavours and variations these days.

Still, one common complaint when it comes to using condoms is that the act of putting on a condom breaks the sexual momentum. You’re both fired up, but you need to put it all on pause for a minute or two to slip a rubber on. For some, that break in momentum can be easy to recover from. For others, that 1-minute pause can mean the loss of an erection, and it from there, it can be difficult to turn the mood back on.

If you’re a regular condom user and want to arm yourself with a few little tricks to keep the mood going, or to move along that tiny, inconvenient pause when you’re in the middle of getting it on, here are some little tips to do just that. You can thank us later.

The basics…

Getting a condom on requires some basic knowledge of the product. Once you tear open the small foil square, you’ll find a lubricated ring with a nub in the middle. Place the ring on the erect penis, pinch the nub and roll the ring down all the way to the bottom of the penis shaft.

Pinching the tip of the condom leaves room for when your man ejaculates. Not creating this space means the condom could overflow, meaning sperm-filled semen could come spilling out of the condom into your vagina, possibly resulting in pregnancy.

Once you’ve unrolled the condom all the way down to the base of the penis, the ring should be flipped outwards and not inwards. If you find that the condom is flipped inside out, remove it and try it again with a new condom. Never reuse a condom if it has already come into contact with the penis – pre-ejaculate containing sperm and STDs may get on the surface that comes into contact with your vagina, leaving you vulnerable to pregnancy and infections.

Speeding things up…

Already, you can see how putting a condom on might be a dampener on the sexual rhythm you already have going. To quicken things up, a simple tip is to keep them on hand – stick ‘em in the nightstand or a drawer near the bed for easy access.

Also, practice. Practice on your own. This might sound silly, but grab a banana or another phallic-looking fruit/vegetable and practice putting a condom on it. You might think this is a waste of condoms (and fruit), but this will help you make the entire process smoother and quicker. You know what they say: Practice makes perfect.

Don’t ruin the moment…

While putting a condom on might seem unavoidably awkward and uncomfortable, it helps to change your mindset towards it. Make it part of the foreplay. Keep kissing your partner, maintain eye contact (if you practiced, you’d be able to put the condom on without looking away). If you think, ‘man, this is going to be so weird’, then it will be. Instead, immerse yourself in your partner and the moment and not on the condom.

Lube it up…

Many men consider sex with condoms less enjoyable. This is because men are experiencing sex through a rubber sheath – it doesn’t feel natural. To stimulate your partner further, add a drop or two of lubricant to the inside of the condom. This reduces the friction your partner feels between his member and the rubber of the condom. This will make sex much more enjoyable for him and therefore, much more enjoyable for you!

Make sure to use a water-based lubricant for this as oil-based lubricants can compromise the quality of a condom and cause it to tear. Durex produces an entire line of water-based lubricants that are designed to increase your pleasure while wearing a condom, so you feel just as good while staying protected during sex.

It’s a wrap…

Follow the tips and steps we’ve given you and you’ll realize that putting on a condom doesn’t spell the death of sex as you know it. Once you’ve practiced enough and become familiar with using a condom, you’ll realize that it isn’t as awkward as you thought it would be.

It might take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll become second nature to you.

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