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10 Singaporean Girls Share Their Honest Thoughts On Buying Condoms

Girls, have you ever bought condoms? If for some reason, your partner isn’t able to get his hands on a pack of Durex, would you do it?

Many of us girls tend to think of having and buying condoms as the guy’s job. After all, the condom goes on him – why should we be the ones to do it? Some girls feel awkward buying condoms, or feel embarrassed or ashamed buying it. Others don’t see what the fuss is all about. After all, everyone has sex. What’s there to judge? And if people are judging, so be it.

We asked 10 girls to share with us whether or not they’d buy condoms, and why or why not. Here’s what they said.

1. “I think I wouldn’t. I think if someone saw me buying it, like my mom or my dad, it’d be very, very awkward and I’d just rather avoid that. Haha.” – J, 24.

2. “I’ve never bought condoms before, but it’s ‘cuz I haven’t really had to..? But I mean if the guy doesn’t have condoms, or if for some reason, he’s too scared to buy, I’ll just do it. It’s no big deal.” – Z, 23.

3. “Nope, I wouldn’t. I know sex is totally normal, but I think people will still judge. I just think it’s awkward for girls to buy, so I’ll just leave it to the guy.” – F, 24.

4. “I think if there’s some new interesting condom and I want to try it out or I want to surprise my boyfriend right, I will buy. If he buys then it’ll just ruin the surprise, right? But of course, usually my partner will take care of it so I don’t have to be the one doing it.” – D, 25.

5. “I bought once before! I don’t know why but I was abit scared also. So I just waited until the counter was less crowded, and I made sure I bought a lot of other things also, so people don’t notice I’m buying condoms.” – A, 23.

6. “I’ve done it before a few times. Aiya, everyone has sex. It’s very normal. Actually quite poor thing for the guy to keep buying condoms ‘cuz it can get quite expensive. So my boyfriend and I take turns.” – H, 25.

7. “Haha, I won’t buy. I’m quite scared people will judge me, like even the cashier lady.” – A, 25.

8. “Yeah, I will buy. Just like buying pad la! I think there’s no shame in sex, and it’s protection!” – C, 26.

9. “Does buying online count? I bought it online through the Durex website.” – S, 23.

10. “I think it’s a no for me. I guess if I die-die have to do it, then I will, but otherwise I won’t. I mean, I know sex is normal and people probably won’t judge, but I don’t know leh. I’d just rather not.” – M, 24.

Clearly, there are many things that keep us girls from buying condoms. Some of us have deeply entrenched ideas that sex is wrong and don’t feel comfortable having other people know that we do it. Some of us are more worried about being caught in the act by people we know, and some of us just feel like it’s an awkward thing for girls to do.

What do you think?

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