5 midcentury furniture pieces that can be used in commercial spaces

The midcentury modern furniture genre is all encompassing. It’s got items that translate really well in all sorts of spatial categories; be it hotels, offices, or even eateries. If you don’t know where to start with this compartmentalization, then further we’ve suggested 5 pieces that can fit within totally unique spaces to get you started:

  1. Restaurants

The Beetle chair features a neat, compact, and highly sophisticated aesthetic. It’s classy upholstery and slender legs are the perfect feature to introduce a sense of delicate beauty and artistry in a restaurant design. Not only it’s highly comfortable, but it’s also got a glamorous quality that translates really well into eateries. Of course, you can pair it up with different types of booths as well, but the chairs have a distinct quality that makes them stand out in such settings.

  1. Hotels

Arne Jacobson designed the Egg chair for a hotel project to begin with, so it really is the perfect midcentury modern furniture piece to furnish with. You can experiment with the colors and the placement of the chair to make a statement worthy lobby-reception combination. You can even set-up this chair in a number of rooms – double, single, or even oversized triples – so that people can sit back and enjoy the view and ambiance for their room interiors.

  1. Mixed use lobbies

The midcentury modern furniture collection consists of many pieces, and many of them are suitable for a number of different spaces. But if you’re looking for something to furnish your agile spaces – such as mixed-used lobbies with – then you need to go for both comfort and aesthetics. The heart chair is an excellent contender for this particular genre. You can play with the color of the chairs and arrange them in attractive clusters throughout the lobbies to make the space feel interesting and unique.

  1. Offices

The Kyo High Back Lounge Chair is an amazing midcentury modern furniture piece to be featured in an office setting. You can use it in any kind of a setting – be it an executive office, a conference room, or even just a cubicle. The sleek shape, comfortable seat, and highly ergonomic body of this swivel chair is as office-worthy as they come. It’s definitely a chair that can make your offices very impressionable.

  1. Libraries

Whether it’s a library at home, or one with a totally public-commercial setting, the Womb Chair is the perfect way to furnish it. This is the kind of midcentury modern furniture that has a cozy yet officious appeal. It is also available in a number of different color schemes, so you can even mix and match – or simply choose an upholstery that suits your library theme. You can even pair it up with a requisite ottoman in some spaces to enhance its cozy appeal.

So these are some midcentury modern furniture pieces that you can place in a number of unique settings with ease.