Easiest way to work on Linux without formatting previous OS

There is a product that can bring new life to your old and dead computers. It is xtra pc which is a USB flash drive that can be inserted into the slow working computer to boot Linux into it. It allows you to perform all the basic stuff such as accessing the internet, working on office and more. It is available in three different versions; you can buy one according to the speed you want with the memory available in it. The maximum you can get is 64 gigabytes. It is easy to install and use it. It also allows you to save stuff on the computer without any problem.

You might be having a Windows or iOS computer system installed in your computer but it works slow or you need to do some highly confidential work on it then you buy a Xtra-PC that will allow you to work on Linux which is faster and more secure than these operating systems. There is no need to format the computer to work on Linux with this product as you must be having a lot of data you don’t want to lose.

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Why working on Linux is better?

Though there are a few malware made for Linux also but you don’t have to worry about them as every program in this operating system needs to have authorization from the administrator in order to compile which is protected by a password. This is why, it is very hard for a malware to affect your system working on Linux. There is no need of heavy antivirus software with it.

It is also very easy to customize this operating system as it is an open source. You can delete or add any feature whenever you want. You can also install beautiful wallpapers and attractive icons easily to have a nice look of your desktop.