Ensure Privacy While Using Wi-Fi Or Other Networks On Smartphone

How to secure your phone's portable Wi-Fi hotspot - Science & Tech - The  Jakarta Post

Ideally, all service providers that deals with providing connectivity to their users ensure that their privacy is respected and well protected. However, it is not the responsibility of the network service providers only. You too will need to make sure that you follow the right ways that will allow you to protect your privacy. This will ensure that you are safe when you surf different websites or use your financial and banking details to make payments online, while using your computer or your smartphone. You will find a lot of sites like securicritic.com/блог and others that will tell you about the best ways to do it. here are the best ones.

Use a secure connection

When you use any Wi-Fi network, you must make sure that you use a secure connection. There are lots of free Wi-Fi services but with them comes a lot of dangers. Therefore, never consider any public network to be safe and secure and never provide sensitive data. The nature of these free networks is nearly impossible to guess and it is very easy for a tech savvy person to hook up to your account for their benefit. Always use a VPN software because that is the best protection available. You can change the VPN on your smartphone to access a chosen program.

Use geo-restricted content

You will also be better off when you access only geo-restricted sites and content. This will enhance security options. Also make sure that you optimize using your data using hotspot to connect your smartphone to your desktop or laptop computer. The best ways to optimize your data is by compressing the files, reducing the image weight, and minify or remove any CSS, HTML, and JavaScript content. These are the most useful and effective ways to keep your mobile devices safe and use any network in the best possible way.