Five Tips To Save Up To 40% When Requiring Funeral Services

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At the time of the death of a relative, erroneous decisions can be made when choosing where to purchase or hire funeral services. These tips can save you a lot of money.

Request several estimates in different funeral homes

Don’t buy a funeral package or service without first comparing prices. The simple fact that it is close to your home or because other relatives have used it does not mean that it is the best option, find out about all the possibilities offered by the seller in at least three different funeral homes, comparing the value of the services and quality of the same as well as the coffin arrangement services (จัดดอกไม้หน้าโรงศพ which is the term in Thai).

Avoid unregistered funeral homes

By wanting to save, you risk hiring funeral services with funeral homes that are not registered or do not have the corresponding health permits or licenses to perform the service, which could have major consequences and give your family a hard time or embezzlement with money extra to what was agreed. 

Look for packages and request everything in writing

The funeral homes handle packages in which they cover from the transfer, embalming, wake and even niche or grave of the pantheon. Compare costs and quality of products, facilities. Ask for a detailed breakdown of what each package includes and the costs, so you will know which package suits your needs and budget.

Forecasting is the best method to avoid embezzling yourself.

The funeral service companies have plans in which you can make payments according to your possibilities, known as prevention packages. In the event of death and not having covered the full amount of the service, only the outstanding amount would have to be paid to use it. The plans are transferable and do not expire, which provides flexibility, so contracting them with a serious and stable company is the most recommended in this type of case.