Fun Ways to Turn Your Ashes Into Jewelry: ashes to jewels

You’ll need a small number of ashes to make your jewelry, so the first step is to gather them up, you can find these small remnants of a deceased loved one in a variety of sources: Whether you’re looking for a way to honor your loved one or are just looking for some pretty jewelry, ashes can be used for this purpose.

You can also use the ashes of animals, such as cats and birds, as a way to create unique jewelry – with a little bit of planning and some creative thinking, you can turn your ashes into jewelry that can be worn on your body or around your home.

What Are Ashes?

Ashes are the remains of your loved one that forms when the body falls apart – when a person dies, their body starts to break down right away and the first things to break down are the muscles, followed by the skin, hair, and nails.

The body is so complex that every part of it breaks down.; the body is all gone, the parts that broke down are called ashes; this process of breaking down the body and forming it into ashes is called cremation: Different types of cremations use different methods to break down the body and turn it into ashes.

How to Use Ashes in Jewelry Making

You can turn ashes into jewelry in a variety of ways- you can turn the ashes into a powder, which you can then mix with other powders to create a substance similar ashes to jewels to clay, and you can use the clay to make sculptures, rings, or any other type of wearable art or, you can turn the ashes into a liquid, which you can then pour into molds and make pendants, charms, or what is known as fused glass.

This liquid form of ashes can also be poured into a kiln to turn it into a glass piece and there are other types of jewelry that can be created by adding small amounts of other materials to the ashes. This can include metals, gemstones, or even some types of plastics.

The beauty of using ashes in jewelry is that the type of jewelry that can be created is almost limitless – all you have to do is take a look at the various ways you can use ashes in jewelry; you can use the ashes of your loved one to make jewelry that can be worn on the body or around the house; you can also use the ashes of animals, such as cats and birds, to make unique jewelry; and you can also take your ashes and turn them into a powder, which you can then use to make clay jewelry.


There are several ways to use your ashes in jewelry making. Using them to make jewelry is a unique way to honor the life of your loved one and beyond that, it is a way to turn the remains of your loved one into something new and beautiful. From rings and pins to pendants and even necklaces and bracelets, you have the right amount of options when it comes to turning your ashes into jewelry. While it might seem a bit morbid, it is a meaningful way to remember your loved one.

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