How to Make Silicone Molds For Your DIY Candles?

DIY cute candles are perfect for your dining decorations with a special one. The DIY adorable candles can also be a fabulous decor for special occasions and parties. To make DIY candles, choose your favorite design or model to make molds from silicon rubber, and then prepare your wax candles. You can get ready-made molds from the market but to make customized handles with your design, you need silicone rubber to make molds for the candle designing. And the best thing about making candles from customized silicone rubber is you can choose the best design and detailing that you want to put on it. Choose the model that you want to convert into candles, make reusable molds from silicone rubber, and you can make your wax candles and soaps using the molds over and over again.

Here are a few easy steps to make your Silicone Molds for DIY candles:

  • To make silicone molds you need- Silicone Rubber [ยาง ซิ ลิ โคน, which are the term in Thai] (Liquid), Empty and clean disposable container with a lid, a mixing cup with sticks, a sharp knife, a hot glue gun, and object or a model that you want to clone.
  • Cut the container from the bottom, and you should have a wide-open container with a cover. Stick the flat bottom of the object with the lid using a glue gun. Attach the lid with the container and fix it with a glue gun. Now the lid has become the bottom of the mold.
  • Now mix the silicone rubber using complete instruction mentioned on the package, make sure to wear gloves and mix it using mixing equipment only. Now pour the mixture of silicone on the item or object fixed with the container. Tap from sides and bottoms to settle the silicone mixture and destroy the air bubbles. Now leave the silicone molds to cure for at 24 hours or the time mentioned on your package.
  • After drying, use a sharp knife to cut away the disposable plastic container and peel away the silicone molds. Now to bring out your item or object from the mold, cut a zigzag pattern down all the way through the edge of the item in the silicone rubber, after cutting the pullback molds and remove the object out of it and you have empty cavity molds to make DIY candles.