How To Open A Security Door

It often happens that for some reason or another, you leave the key inside the house or you lose it on the road or the bus.

And you see yourself in the difficult situation of forcing your door without success so you must call a locksmith so that with their techniques and tools you can open the way to your own home, you need to open a door of a room.

That is why we will teach you in this article how to open a security door using alternative methods, which work very well.

Things You Should Know Before Opening A Security Door

The security doors have several pins or bolts, which keep the door closed when passing the key. So you should keep in mind that if the door has been locked, it cannot be opened with any of the methods that will be taught below (credit card).

  • You can only open it if it is only closed, without passing the key (credit card).
  • We must make clear that you can only use these techniques in case of an emergency.
  • You can only apply the knowledge acquired in this article, in your own room or house.
  • If you do it on private property without the consent of the owners, you can get into danger with the law.

Ways To Open A Security Door

There are several ways to open a security door, and here we will present them to you, all have different levels of difficulty, you choose the one that best suits your situation.

Use A Plastic Card To Open A Security Door

This is a technique known to many, but not everyone knows how to apply correctly because they have a very archaic knowledge or have only heard about the subject.

However, here, we will show you the correct way to open a security door with a plastic card is.

What type of plastic card to use? It’s a good question, credit cards work, but is it worth risking your bank card for opening a door? We do not believe it

We recommend you use a card made with a plastic bottle of milk, juice, soda or other similar because they are more flexible plastic and damage it, you would not be putting your beloved credit card at risk.

How To Open An Armored Door With The Key

Now, let’s open the door.Insert the card into the hole between the door and the frame, at least a hand’s breadth away from the lock.

Carefully start lowering the card, applying pressure, and keeping it inside the hole.

The moment the card stops going down, it will be because it has hit the skid (mobile part of the lock that allows keeping the door closed).

There you will have to keep the card inside the slot and take out only the lower part of the card and go down a few centimeters while the top part is held inside the slot, and pushing the more moderate section back inside.

In this way, you will make sure that the card takes the space between the slip and the door frame.

Now you just have to take the handle or knob and push as if you were to open, at the same time you apply pressure to the card.

Without further ado, the lock should yield. However, you should know all these methods aren’t possible in a digital door lock.