How to package furniture before transportation or storage in 5 steps

Packages of furniture and luggage before moving furniture or storing some of the most difficult things that we face while moving to a new house or we are looking at storing some furniture for a certain period for any reason and it is more difficult to cut furniture beds and chairs that we have to dismantle into smaller parts in order to facilitate the process of moving furniture while lifting it on Cars, as well as protecting them from breakage, hiccups or warp in some cases

Which requires some skills and expertise for the owners to complete the process of packaging the furniture properly and this is what we will try to teach you in the next steps

If you have no idea how to wrap and pack furniture, here are some tips for proper packing methods for moving and storing furniture.

You must first acquire all the necessary packaging materials, materials such as cardboard boxes, packing tape, newspapers for wrapping clothes, old blankets, or any piece of fabric to wrap furniture before tying them with ropes, an adhesive and some of the large plastic bags and bubbles to protect furniture.

After packaging and when starting to link solid furniture that cannot be tampered with, such as wardrobes, tables, chairs, and other relatively large pieces, be sure to cover the edges first with the content of the roll or the newspaper. Then open the cardboard boxes and lay the pieces carefully

You should use these pieces of cardboard to cover the entire furniture before rolling it well with the adhesive. Finally, marking the box with a marker with a pen to see the piece that was wrapped in furniture to facilitate the process

When wrapping some pieces of furniture that have glass panels, such as a wardrobe and glass tables, you should try to unscrew the panels first before the packaging process and wrapping them with bubble paper intended for packaging to protect during the transfer or storage, thus you will keep them for as long as possible safely and without exposing them to any damage after attaching The panels thanks to their assembly and fastening

If a woman cannot take it out of the furniture, it must be wrapped well by cutting plastic or with an old blanket more than one roll to protect it from shocks and reach it safely to a new place.

Once again, wrap the adhesive tape on the carton in a tight manner and write whether it is coated with glass or glass materials prone to breakage. Write the word “fragile” on the label on the carton. This is important when transporting these materials to be handled with more attention.

As for the furniture that can be removed, wrap each separate piece with several layers of cardboard. Make sure that all edges are covered with wrapping material, newspapers, or clothing so that no scratches occur to it while it is being transported to the store or the new home. Next, wrap all the pieces in his carton together, wrap them with tape and put a poster showing the type or furniture contained and tie the pieces together to reduce the loss of a piece, making it easier for you to reassemble.

By knowing the most important methods of packing and packing furniture, you can reduce its damage while moving it to a new place or when the furniture is stored in furniture storage warehouses.

All these tips, if applied carefully, will satisfy the purpose, but in the case of multiple pieces of furniture and an increase in the size of the furniture, a professional furniture transport company in Riyadh should be sought for assistance with this task easily and easily and without exposing your furniture to any scratches or fractures as a result of the lack of experience in moving and storing furniture In the event that the Wasla company is used to transport and store furniture

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