How To Protect Your Dog From Hyperthermia This Summer

Hyperthermia could happen to golden retriever pups if they have an abnormally elevated body temperature due to certain environmental factors. A combination of high humidity and excessive heat can be harmful for both people and golden retrievers. If your dog isn’t properly acclimated to the high temperatures, he may show unwanted symptoms. Golden retriever puppies only sweat slightly at the pads of their paw and it’s not enough to cool their body down.

The Three Stages Of Dog Hyperthermia:

Heat Exhaustion- heat exhaustion is the first stage of hyperthermia. Symptoms may include damp paws, increased salivation, heavy panting, laboured breathing, and agitation.

Heat Prostration- if your dog has heat prostration, he is unresponsive to commands, unfocused, unbalanced, vomiting and sometimes bleeding. This is a more serious stage of hyperthermia and immediate action must be taken. If putting your dog under the shade or into a cooler area doesn’t seem to help, it is important to bring him to the nearest vet.

Heat Stroke- heat stroke is a potentially fatal stage of hyperthermia, indicated by tremors, loss of consciousness, thick sticky saliva, and seizures. If the core body temperature of your golden retriever pups reaches more than 40 C, it could be just minutes away from coma and death. It is essential to get your dog to the nearest vet immediately.

It’s far easier to prevent hyperthermia than treating it. Here are some things to do:

Avoid The Hottest Time Of The Day- if it’s sunny and hot, avoid being outside after 10AM and before 4PM. During the hottest time of the day, make sure that your dog remains indoors where he will remain cool and dry.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated- when doing outdoor activities, make sure that you bring enough fresh, cool, not ice cold, water to keep your dog properly hydrated. Add a small amount of Gatorade or other sports drinks to the water bowl. Just like people, your dog also needs to replace their electrolytes.

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