Know What Is PrivnoteAnd How To Use It

In the modern era, we use many resources for sending essential text, information, images, or any particular message. Some information or messages are very important and require special care because if it gets into the wrong hands then they can be a threat to you. Such confidential information is sent through social media platforms or text messages on mobile phones.  Social media platforms are secure in a way but the information exists within the software and can be optimized by hackers or controllers. Any person who can have control over your app or your mobile applications can manipulate or check out your data. This can impose threats to your data and thus your data can get leaked. 

Many times, we keep our private life so hidden that we don’t like to socialize. We tend to keep information or data in files which are out of reach of many people. Some information can be very important for other people to know. We do send text messages through various mobile phone applications but that data is stored somewhere which can be accessed anytime. So, in a way, your data is not secure. This is because virus attacks or hackers are trying to get your data. In such situations, it becomes very crucial to keep your data away from everyone else rather than the person you want to share it with. 

Some essential things are shared only with some specific people who are truly engaged with us. We tend to share notes or very confidential information only with them. Sharing such information through social media platforms is not recommended as there is a threat to your data. That is why PRIVNOTE, a private note-making agency allows you to send private messages and notes to your friends. It is a web service that is truly trustworthy and permits you to send confidential notes over the internet. The notes sent by you are self-destructive and once received by the other person get destroyed. The PRIVNOTE is safe and is away from the reach of cyber criminals and hackers.

You can send OTP, password, or any credentials through PRIVNOTE. It is very secure for sharing important articles and notes. The strong password must be unique to keep it private. Thus, PRIVNOTE is very beneficial in maintaining your privacy and sending confidential information. 

Know how PRIVNOTE works: 

PRIVNOTE is a free web service that will allow you to submit your hidden articles or notes completely through online mode. It’s not at all obstructive and self-destructive. You just need to write simply an article and then you will get a link. Copy and paste the link as a message to the person you wish to send the article to. When the person clicks on the link for the first time, he will get to see the article on the browser. If he clicks on the link next time, he cannot read the article because it is self-destructive. This is because the hyperlink sent to him will no longer work.