The Best Chapter for the perfect Stress Therapy Now

When one is in a negative state of mind related to stress or anxiety, this state has impacts on our physiology, our environment and our environment, so it is essential to know how to control this state. In addition, stress often results in thinking over ideas without being able to “extinguish” one’s brain. So an excellent way to act on the mind, when it is in a negative spiral, is to occupy it. Nourish it, moisturize it and take care of it as you would for a child. In this way, here are anti-stress ideas and suggestions that will allow you, through your 5 senses, to think of something other than the subject causing the stress.

  1. Purifying drink: drink to forget?

Long live the Mojitos. Not of course it’s a joke. But the first anti stress therapy that we propose is to quench your thirst. Ask yourself in a different place, at home, but a place where you are not used to sitting. And simply, sip a drink. The ideal is to prepare an herbal drink called “adapt genic”.

  • “Adapt genic” plants have virtues that allow our body to preserve stress while giving it energy. If it’s during the day, prefer infusions made from rhodiole or golden ginseng root, eleutherococcus or simply green tea.
  • The action of these plants increases concentration and intellectual abilities, while lowering stress, anxiety and fatigue. If it’s late in the day, prefer infusions made from passionflower, California poppy, hawthorn or linden. These plants soothe and repair sleep.

It is important to enjoy this drink in a very different place from where you are used to staying at home. Let come to your mind the first place a bit crazy that will appear in your head. It may be a funny place, or perhaps a corner of the corridor in which you have never landed. Take the plunge; ask yourself in this unusual place, you will be surprised to discover that enjoying a moment of relaxation, enjoying your drink, in an unusual corner: it will allow you to see things from another angle. And will give you the opportunity to, why not, see what makes you tick or makes you anxious from a different angle.

  1. Your mirrors, reflection of your emotions

Mirrors can have anti-stress properties if you learn to look differently. Use your reflection to change your vision of a stressful situation. Here is an article with a small exercise to do at home. To test yourself and you can communicate the results to me next.

  1. Sort his things as his thoughts

Go around your house and select an object for each room you give, recycle or throw. The important thing here is to associate your sorting gestures with a thought related to your stress.