The taste of cask and fruit in The Singleton

The craze for single malt

The combination of European oak ex-sherry cask with American oak ex-bourbon makes The Singleton a classic scotch that cannot be compared with other single malts. It is a very smooth, fruity, and gentle scotch that goes through a smooth distillation process. Every sip of singleton will make the gathering enjoyable and memorable. It is worth mentioning that distilleries like Glen Ord, Dufftown, and Glendullan united in the mid of 19th century to bring out this unique single malt that makes the drink exceptionally balanced, delicious, and easy to drink. The whisky is noted for its fruity indulgence and beautiful smoothness. It is simply delicious and pleasurable. Every sip in your mouth will give you a feeling of taking nectar from a flower.

Its growth

Diageo is a brand that took the drink to such a height that all parties will include Singleton in their list of alcohol. The drink was launched in 2006 by Glen Ord and then the distilleries like Glendullan and Dufftown produced the same after one year. The brand was at a high success rate hence Glen Ord planned to expand in 2014 and doubled its production. In 2015 the brand itself became a name on its own competing with single malts like Glenlivet and Glenfiddich. This is one of the key drivers in Diageo’s world of single malt.

Nature made it

The single malt made in the Scottish countryside had access to the free natural crystal clear water surrounded by barley grown in its local field.  With the presence of a railway station that brought the casks from the south and the growth of the distillery was possible to grow and produced its whisky in 1902.  Slowly the spirit had grown big with the taste of an American oak ex-bourbon cask that made its taste sweet and blended with nut flavors. The brand is now dominating the world of single malt more than any flavor.