Things to perform before HVAC duct cleaning

When it comes to taking care of your HVAC system, there are several things that you should consider. Parts such as the blower motor, filter, and thermostat require occasional checking to assure everything is perfect. But when it comes to air ducts it takes a lot of effort and requires support for cleaning. You can look for duct cleaning near me’ and hire professionals for the task. Following are some things to be considered while you are making your mind for the cleaning.

When to perform HVAC duct cleaning?

Even if your ducts don’t require regular cleaning, there are certain times at which you should perform them. In case, if you suspect mold growing in the ducts and there are rodents and insects then stop right away and check the whole unit. If you find that every part is functioning properly and not making weird sounds then you can continue cleaning.

Collect all the tools 

There is a high chance that these tools can be found in your home and you won’t have to spend a lot of money. You need to check if your filter is washable and if not, simply get a new one. Technicians might have told you which type of filter to purchase according to the type of your HVAC system. In other things, you need a towel, vacuum, power drill, and protection equipments like heavy duty gloves, masks, and goggles for cleaning.

Identify the type of the vent

There are two types of vents in the house, one is a supply vent and the other is returning vent. To identify the vent, place a tissue on the vent, if it stays stuck then it’s returning vent otherwise it’s the supply vent.

Identify the cost of cleaning your ducts

In case, you want to hire a professional to clean mold from the ducts, you need to check the size, damage caused and type of HVAC air duct. If you just find dust and debris in the duct then you can continue cleaning it by yourself.