Tips For Buying A Wii Remote

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With the launch of the Wii console, Nintendo introduced motion controls to gaming. The Wii Remote is what gamers use to control these motion controls. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Wii Remote, you should know about all the ways you can get your hands on this piece of technology.

 Whether you’re buying it as a gift for someone else or just intend on getting one yourself, take note of these tips to buy a Wii Remote with confidence.

Buy From A Reputable Retailer

When you’re ready to buy a wii remotes, the first thing you should do is find a reputable retailer. Buying a Wii Remote from an unknown website might sound sketchy, but there are plenty of online retailers you can buy from. While most of these websites have Wiimote models that don’t match the ones you need, some do have the right models. 

While there are plenty of legitimate websites that sell used Wii Remotes, you should only buy a used Wii Remote from a reputable source. If a Wiimote is advertised as being used with another game console, remember that the Wii Remote has motion controls.

Check The Wiimote’s Condition

When you buy a Wiimote, make sure it’s in good condition. Make sure the cord is long enough to connect the Remote to your console and ensure the buttons on the Wiimote are responsive. When you buy a used Wiimote, make sure you inspect it first to make sure it’s in good condition. 

You can use the Wii Sensor Bar to check if the Wiimote is in good condition. If it is, you can use the Sensor Bar to see if the Wiimote is responsive. If it responds on the Sensor Bar but not on your Wii Remote, it’s most likely due to dirty sensors on the Wii Remote. If it doesn’t respond at all, the Remote is most likely broken.

Know How To Differentiate Quality Wiimotes

A quality Wii Remote is easy to spot. It will have an “Authentic Nintendo” logo on the back near the charging port. The logo has a stylistic swirl that is unique to authentic Wiimotes. There are two other ways to spot a quality Wiimote. 

The first is to make sure that the Remote has the “Authentic Nintendo” logo. The second is to make sure that the Remote has the “Authentic Nintendo” logo near the charging port. Quality Wiimotes will have a light-colored, raised logo. Lower-quality Remotes will likely have a darker-colored logo. 

The Remote will also be the right shape and size for the Wii console. Low-quality Remotes will not fit properly into the Wii console.

Tips For Taking Good Care Of Your Wii Remote

– Don’t submerge the Remote in water. Water can corrode your Wii Remote and damage the sensors inside of it.

– Don’t try to clean the lens of the Remote with a microfiber cloth. The Remote is made of plastic and will scratch easily if you try to clean it with microfibers. 

– Dust the Remote with a soft brush, not a hard one. Dust on the Remote can build up and cause the Remote to respond sluggishly. Keep the Remote away from places with a lot of dust. 

– Keep your Remote away from pets and children, especially small ones. Pets and children can easily knock your Remote around and damage the Remote. 

– Make sure to put your Remote back in the charging cradle after you’re done using it. The Remote can lose power quickly if it’s not in the cradle.