Walter Babst; The Sociopath That Drew The Essence From The Pages Of Literature

Walter Babst, the name that terrorised all of the people from the States of New York, a child sex offender and a teacher of Mathematics, cringed the whole nation in terror. An FBI agent that arrested Babst told that, the most horrible fact lies in the matter that Babst is a school teacher, and children are obliged to abide by the rules of teachers.

A teacher has a good source into the lives of children and hence a dangerous potential threat to the society. Babst used social media to express his earlier thoughts and the rise of internet added colour in his imagination. Pornography and the banned child porno from the deep media added to his visualisation, he confessed later.

The modern Society and the Freudian Effect:

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, changed the course of modern psychology through his book, An Interpretation of Dreams that was published in the tear of 1900. Freud made a grand revelation through his Oedipus complex. To understand the theory one has to know about the tragedy of Oedipus written by the Greek dramatist, Sophocles. Aristotle in his Poetics deemed the tragedy of Oedipus as the greatest Tragedy ever written Oedipus was born a prince and he was predestined to kill his father and to make love with his mother Jocasta.

Fearing this prophecy, Oedipus’s father orders to kill him but he was spared his life by fortune and was raised by another parents far away from his homeland. Oedipus grew to become a tall handsome man and his bravado and strength and skills were unmatched by any. One day in a jungle he met another soothsayer who prophesised him the same for which his own father abandoned him. The soothsayer told him that he was destined to kill his father and marry his mother. Hearing this, Oedipus left the place where he grew and ventured for unknown.

By fortune’s irony, on the road he met an old man who demanded that he leaves the road for him. Oedipus refused to do so and they got into a duel. He killed the old man and later comes to know that it was the king of a nearby country and that the man was his father. Oedipus then reached the outskirt of a country and he saw the sphinx, whom he defeated by answering three questions.

Apart from that the sphinx terrorised the local country and when Oedipus was defeated, he was made a king by the local authority and married the current queen. Later Oedipus came to know that it was his own mother that he accidentally married. Freud described the scenario to describe that younger men have a tendency to feel the sexual attraction towards older women and sometimes, the reverse also takes place.

The Paedophile Psyche:

In spite of knowing all about the consequences, Babst made a move to have sexual prowess over an underage girl. Thus proves his compulsion and moral dogma that compelled him on going along the motion.