Ways to Boost Employee Morale During the Holidays

Even though you’ve tried to make things as easy as possible on your employees by providing a comfortable, happy environment to work in and even purchasing enterprise call center software to help them, employee morale can take a hit during the busy holiday season.

During the holidays, your business tends to get busier and of course, you want to encourage that business, but many times the customers seem to get a little more grumpy, meaning you need to do something to keep your employees from getting irritable themselves. You can do that by providing a little holiday cheer of  your own in your business. Read on to find out how you can boost your employee morale over the upcoming holiday season.

Decorate the business for holiday cheer

One of the best ways to keep up employee morale is by not having your employees come from their festive homes into a drab office setting where the holiday is nowhere in sight. Instead, make sure that you decorate your business for the holiday season, from dressing up the fridge in the break room as a snowman to putting miniature Christmas trees in each employee’s cubicle. After all, it’s the thought that counts at this time of the year.

If you want to go a step further hire Christmas Designers to come in and brighten up the business for you, on the inside and the outside as well.

Give the gift of seasonal coffees and teas

Everyone knows that coffee is here to stay and tea runs a close second with Americans. Of course, you already have coffee and tea in your business for your employees, but during the holiday season try having gourmet or seasonal blends available for them to try. Your team would probably love to try a good gingerbread or cinnamon-flavored coffee, and tea drinkers in the crowd would enjoy a sample of apple cider, chocolate peppermint, or pumpkin spice tea.

You can take this a step further as well, and give your employees their own seasonal mug with a sample pack of these teas or coffees to carry home with them as a gift for the holidays. This is sure to raise employee morale and show them you care at the same time. You’ll be gifting your employees with something they can enjoy at home and at the office as well.

Mix aromatherapy with holiday smells


The sense of smell is a powerful emotion evoking sense that is often overlooked. The holidays are full of scents that can bring back a strong sense of wonder and childhood memories that make you happy, warm, and fuzzy. Bring some of those memories and feelings into your workplace From the smell of cinnamon in aroma sprays to pumpkin spice melts in a wax warmer nothing evokes feelings and the joy of the holidays like the smells of the holiday. Peppermint is also a great scent to use in the office, it not only brings cheer to the place, but is a powerful morale booster as well.

Casual Fridays


Every Friday during the holiday season, from October to December, should be casual Friday. However, put a bit of a twist on it, and ask your employees to dress for the season. From costumes on Halloween to ugly sweaters and Christmas pj’s during the fall and winter holiday season, it will be fun and boost morale so that they go home happy for the weekend and eager to return on Monday morning.

These are just a few of the best ways to boost employee morale during the holidays. Remember, the reason for the season and the rest will be easy.