Why You Should google rezension löschen (delete google review) For Your Business Account

The Google My Business page is an excellent tool that may assist companies in being discovered on Google. Additionally, this is where proprietors of businesses may modify their listings, reply to feedback, and upload images of their establishments. But what should you do if you decide you want to erase unfavorable reviews? Or if you have a ridiculously high number of favorable reviews that don’t appear credible?

Once A Review Has Been Deleted, It Cannot Be Recovered

If you delete a review, it will be removed from your company page immediately. This may be useful if you have any unfavorable reviews that you want to keep hidden from prospective clients. You might even decide to erase your negative thoughts inadvertently. If this occurs, Google will not be able to assist you in restoring them, and they will continue to show up as “removed.”

A Corporation With Numerous Bad Reviews Should Remove Them

Everyone is interested in finding out what other people think of their company, but there are times when we need to look at each review on its own. You may cut down on the number of reviews and ensure that the ones that are left are from actual consumers by following a few simple methods, which are as follows: google rezension löschen (delete google review) that aren’t relevant. 

Suppose a client shares a negative experience at another location or with a different customer care person. You should not put such information on your profile page since it may adversely affect your company. Delete any comments made by spambots. Bots are computer programs that are meant to automatically upload arbitrary information to raise users’ engagement levels (and ultimately improve rankings). 

These may also have a detrimental impact on the search engine optimization of your website since they do not provide anything of value. Instead, they clutter up pages with material that is not relevant. Delete them if you see them appearing in your feed frequently! Delete harmful remarks (e.g., “It was good.”). If someone doesn’t explain why something is good or bad, there’s no use in keeping them around.

Keep Google Reviews Favorable

You should pay attention to the reviews on Google since they are significant for your company and may help you attract new clients. On the other hand, they are not always positive. If you have received a negative review on your Google My Business page, deleting it may be beneficial so that other prospective consumers looking for items or services comparable to yours won’t see it. 

When you remove a review, Google provides a few guidelines for what they want to happen after that: If the reviewer does not give fresh input about an additional product or service that you provide, they will not be allowed to submit a new review for at least a year following the day that their previous assessment was deleted. 


When it comes down to it, Google reviews are nothing more than an additional means through which individuals may connect. They are not essential to doing business via Google in any way. Positive ratings are still attainable even in the absence of any customer feedback whatsoever. What about the possibility that some are negative? If that’s the case, you already know our advice: Delete them!