Common advantages and disadvantage of industry 4.0:

Smart industry is also known as industry 4.0, that results in boosting the production ways. Optimizing the cost of production, flexibility and new ways to produce different products are some of the common benefits of industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 has developed a lot but as usual there is room of improvement everywhere. There are some of the disadvantages of industry 4.0 that need to be figure out. The main aim of smart Industries is to develop good relationship between human and Technology. More interaction between human and Technology will result in levelling up the industrial plant. Industry 4.0 is now replacing humans with tools. Now technology is measuring, collecting and analyzing the data with higher accuracy then human mind. As humans are responsible to upgrade their skills with the passage of time same goes with Technology. Technology is now upgrading and is responsible for the maintenance of their own concept. This concept is same as the concept of artificial intelligence where one device is communicating with another by their own and making every decision autonomously. One of the biggest advantage of smart devices are their cost and benefit comparison. Smart devices are cheap in price as compared with their benefits. It is consider as one time or long term investment.

Safety issues could contribute in future crises:

As mentioned above industry 4.0 have to work with some different issues. One of the most address issue with 4.0 industries is safety issue. Many plant can cause fire crisis and pollution which results in environmental disaster. In order to avoid such situations they have to take some precautions steps.

Security of digital factory plays an important role:

Digital factory is now also working on the problem related to Cybercrimes. They need Internet Protocol in order to protect their confidential information. It could worsen the situation if the hacker broke into industry 4.0 plant and hacks all the devices that are under control.