Different ways to teach English to young kids

Teach English to your kids at home

Usually, parents were often confused about how to start teaching their kids. Whether your English is perfect or not, you can teach your kids if you know how to make learning fun. Every kid has different learning speed and capacity; you must appreciate them for their efforts. Maybe your kids weren’t able to speak English immediately but you should have faith in them and try to motivate them as much as you can.

How to establish a routine?

It is very important to establish a routine for English time so that your kids will become more comfortable with English. The best way is to have short sessions throughout the day instead of a long session once a day. Because kids got easily distracted and weren’t able to concentrate on something for a long time. Fifteen minutes is what all you need for every session. It will also be very helpful if you do sessions at the same time every day. The more variety of activities you will include in your sessions, more the kids will learn faster. Different type of games, stories or movies can help you to teach your kids English faster and better. You can also search the web for English teaching for young kids [สอน ภาษา อังกฤษ เด็ก เล็ก, which is the term in Thai] to get more ideas.

However, teaching grammar is not that important to young kids but it would be much better if they knew the basic rules of sentence creation. It is not mandatory to teach them directly, you can just talk to them in English or watch English movies and they will automatically start to pick up. The most important thing to remember is that young kids learn quickly if they are having fun.