How Background Checking Technologies Can Change Your Life

Life is moving fast, yet the secret of success lies not in hastiness but in prudence and cautionary steps. Aesop’s Fable of The Hare and The Tortoise taught us that being fast is not always the key factor behind winning rather being steady. Life of 21st century is fast for sure but the way to dent in it is surely by being steady. Technologies have been changing our life for better or worse form the last 2 or 3 centuries. Every time it takes a u turn, the radical movement follows and lives all around change abruptly. From the ancient times till the modern age, common people have always been under surveillance and their identities have always been under check.

However, the information age broke this chain of power and nowadays everyone can have the privilege of knowledge and the upper hand over everybody. If anyone has strolled into Netflix and seen the web series called Narcos, he/she must inevitably have come across a character named Pablo Escobar. The notorious mafia drug lord of early 21st century. Pablo could dominate anyone and any situation with his sheer knowledge and ambition. He knew about almost everythingabout the people working in high ranks and in authority.

This deadly skill made him not only fearsome character but also someone to be revered. The later 20st century saw the rise of internet worldwide and along with it, came social media sites. Especially after the rise of multimedia phones, everything that was personal before unknowingly became public. All the personal information’s started to flow around and Facebook, Google, Amazon or various other multi-billiondollar companies made fortune by using these background informationand using them as a mental manipulation.

Technology as background search engines:

Every singular apps or sites nowadays ask permissions to poach your personal information’s for research purposes or they want to have access to your gallery andSD card. While they use and sell these informations by exploiting your desires and truingyou’re as a consume ring subject. Through your free background check, not only do they get your personal and professional informations but they get a basic design of your psyche. They exploit your desire, things you crave for and evoke your greed by dangling the things around your eyes through pop ups every now and then.

Technologies as the mind bender:

The billion dollar companies, the social Medias keep a tally of everything you have searched for. Life without social media is almost unthinkable nowadays and everything you search for or want some information of, you remains under surveillance of these modern day “Big Brothers” who forces you to consume their products or services. Eventually, this veil over your eyesstart to feel as the usual backdrop and you give away your personal informationswillynilly without even thing about the pros and cons of it. Technologies have helped us in myriad no. Of ways; they have helped us our life by easing out our daily struggles yet we are as free under their domain as the slaves were under Roman Empire!