Safe and Proper Car Rental for Airport Transfer

The following information should be particularly useful if this is the first time you have rented a car for long or short distance airport transfer.

The question of insurance

This is a question that comes up often. The rental company will offer you its insurance every time. For civil liability, there is in general no need. On the other hand, if you travel to the USA, it may be recommended to take the one offered by the rental company. The rental company will also offer you comprehensive insurance with a franchise or not.

What to take as insurance then?

First, if you have a Gold or Visa Premier card, you have a deductible refund included. Check with your bank.

Otherwise, you have three options:

You take the option with deductible. In case of concerns, you pay all or part of the amount of the deductible.

With deductible refund you pay all or part of the amount of the deductible to the rental company on site and then you are fully reimbursed. On the other hand, the price of your rental will be higher, around 5 euros more per day. With full deductible in the event of damage, you have nothing to advance. Disadvantage: it is very expensive, around 15-20 euros per day.

Paid options

  • Each option is paid unfortunately. This is the case for GPS for example. The rate may be more than 10 euros per day.

Rent your car at the airport

  • In general, we avoid because it is not here that you will find the best rates, unless you go through a comparator, in some cases. That said, on a short trip, this can be handy for saving time.
  • Already, be aware that airport taxes may apply. They are often included in the price.
  • If the agency is closed when your flight arrives, additional fees may apply.
  • Your journey itself will be payless.

Hidden fees

Here are some traps set by car rental companies to punish you for a few euros:

    • a one-way ticket ? Be aware that if you return your car to another agency, fees will apply.
    • in the case of a second driver , the rental company can apply fees there too. Try to negotiate if you rent your car directly from the agency.
    • for drivers under 25 , fees also apply.
    • watch out for limited mileage. Each additional kilometer driven will be charged.
    • some rental companies ask for a winter supplement , especially for snow tires.



Car inspection

Take your time to take stock of the car. When in doubt, take pictures, that’s often what we do.

This is probably the biggest trap to avoid when renting a car.Ditto on the return, make the inventory with the renter, even if you are in a hurry.

Automatic transmission?

Note that in some countries such as the USA, vehicles are only equipped with automatic transmission. All these aspects are essential here.