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Is it necessary to periodically change the shampoo? Thinking about changing your shampoo as everyone says it’s good for your hair? Before heading out in search of a new favorite product, we will figure it out together if this is worth.

The first argument Brooklyn Barbers tells in favor of such a theory is often the loss of the shampoo effectiveness  over time. Such a phenomenon is supposedly connected with the addiction of hair to the active ingredients. Do not worry, being essentially a dead substance (consisting of keratinized (dead) cells), hair in no way can resist the effects of shampoo. However, changing your favorite shampoo to some other from time to time is not such a bad idea.

“Listen” to your hair. Whatever your hair type, remember that it changes over time. Constant dyeing, fatigue, stress, season changing… all this affects the condition of the hair. It can become drier, brittle, or, conversely, greaser. Appropriate care products are required to meet its new needs. That is why you can hear about the importance of periodic shampoo changes.

Choose shampoos for different purposes. Generally, there is nothing absolutely homogeneous in nature.  The use of different shampoos can satisfy different needs of hair. If the hair is prone to greasy, there is alternate dandruff shampoo and detox shampoo. If the hair is dry, suffers from lack of volume, treat it with a nourishing shampoo, periodically replacing it with a shampoo that gives volume. Considering all the diverse needs of your hair, the best combination will be found.Just try to observe and analyze.

But what if you can’t independently determine the type of your hair? No panic! Make an appointment with a beauty salon to ask your hairdresser for advice. He will be able to guide you in choosing the right hair care products.

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