Tips For Selling Things Well On The Internet

You want to sell small value items or get rid of old furniture or appliances. The Internet has become essential to find a buyer, and you still have to choose the trusted site that will facilitate the transaction.

Scrap-value items are sold on free sites of which is the leader. For more noble products, prefer places that protect you.

Add A Rewarding Photo

An ad that contains photos is no longer viewed. Clean the object, frame tightly on a neutral background: unfolded cardboard, white sheet. Light up the scene well or take advantage of the daylight. Do not copy photos found on the internet. If you do not show your item, it may mean that you have something to hide (severe wear, flaws in appearance, etc.). Add value to your ad: “non-smoking seller,” “in its original packaging,” “invoice provided,” “maintenance logbook,” etc., are all little extras that can make the difference.

Filter Buyers

One effective method is to require initial contact via email by not broadcasting your phone number. Explain that you will only respond to emails specifying the buyer’s telephone contact. Indicate the sale method that you choose: hand delivery only, to be taken at home or sending possible. If this is the case, specify “additional shipping costs payable by the buyer.” If you follow your ads rigorously, add the mention “online ad product always available,” which will prevent you from answering a hundred times “yes, still on sale”!

Choose Your Payment Methods

You have the payment method choice: in cash and person, by check (specifying that the shipment will only be made after receipt of payment), bank transfer, or via a PayPal-type electronic wallet. On the other hand, avoid payment by money order, via PayPal or Western Union, a frequent scam source.

Watch Out For Scams

Scammers target both buyers and sellers on classifieds sites. To avoid forged, stolen, or bad checks, always wait for confirmation of receipt from your bank before sending the item. Watch out for bank transfers issued from abroad and then canceled. Internationally, a mandate can be canceled after publication (under certain conditions), hence the risk of sending your object when the payment has only been temporary. The best solution is to refuse this payment method outright.