What If The Iphone 8 Bet On Facial Recognition And Not Fingerprint

Today, iPhone 8, the Apple device that went on sale many months ago, and we are already have it among us. After knowing that its screen will be infinite like its most direct competitors, now all the information revolves around the famous fingerprint detector to unlock the terminal, and, logically, this happens since nobody knows where they are going to place it.

If the iPhone 5S was characterized by something, it was because Apple introduced the famous TouchID to use the device. It was an almost first-time implementation in the way that the North American company did, which earned him a good critique among the specialized press and users.

Years went by, and the option continued in the successive smartphones. Still, for this iPhone 8, there are only two options: either it is placed in the back -something that seems that it will not happen since it has never been done- or it is integrated with the main screen – which would be the smartest thing.

Facial In Response

Given these difficulties, the rumour that is beginning to gain strength is that unlock Iphone 8 would dispense with this fingerprint detector to introduce a facial one. And this information comes from none other than Bloomberg News, which doesn’t usually jump into the pool that easily.

It would be something similar to the iris scanner of the competition, although with the main peculiarity that it would now recognize our entire face. Yes, it sounds very Minority Report, but from Apple, they want to hit the table and plant a feature that sets them apart from the rest unlock iphone 7.

As we always say, there are only about two months left for us to clear our doubts, and there is so much desire.