An Australian Gold Story

The events that led to the Australian gold rush over stages that caused the boom in the Australian population and turned little towns into booming cities due to the discovery of gold originated in 1815, when a few convicts serving time and doing hard labor in Bathurst new south Wales were rumored to have found a good amount of gold. Although they were trying to conceal it, the wardens somehow got wind of it and seized the gold. Buying gold and selling gold were common activities among the convicts that found the gold. As time went by civilians and convicts were finding more and more gold alike. People started realizing that Australia had more gold than they thought it did.  The discoveries saw the advent of signs and placards all over the region. These signs screamed with make shift high prices for gold, silver and other precious metals.

Gold specimens found in the outback regions of land down under were also getting attention in a big way as the gold rush brew became hotter and reached its boiling point, the discoveries made towards the end of the 17th century again caused a gold run, bit by bit Australia was turning into gold country. The influx of immigrants and their exodus from the point of arrival on their gold prospecting adventures started populating Australia in remote places. As the gold smiths started, arriving to Australia the trade of buying gold and selling gold exploded and caused a domino affect throughout Australia.

Another discovery made in 1865 at a Creek in Brisbane started the ball rolling for everyone. Gold mining was starting to become an official trade, along with other trades that were directly or indirectly linked to gold. It was the way to go. Until today, gold trading has not shied away from the lime light. The gold price AUD hike in 1997 saw the return of the gold mining era, with reputable companies such as Brisbane Gold Company gold buyers and refiners carrying on the tradition. After all, a two-generation family owned business offers the best prices in Australia. They have agents, affiliates and evaluators all over Australia ready to serve the needy customers. Precious metals dealers who are renowned and respected for their transparency in trade and business. Australia has come a long way since then in the gold rush days and Brisbane Gold Company gold buyers and refiners have been on that ride ever since it began. As the gold price AUD continues to rise more and more investors in the Australian market are turning to gold. Most investors unaware of Australia’s rich gold history are naturally entering the market due to rising prices. Unlike the convicts mining for gold a lot of investors are saving to invest in gold dur to genuine concerns around government debt and inflation.  If this trend continues we should see a modern day gold rush like the convict days.