B2B Business Data | How to Buy Phone & Email Marketing Lists in the UK

We can all agree that online marketing is a much more efficient solution than traditional forms, especially if you have in mind that it is more affordable and straightforward to conduct.

One of the oldest ones is email marketing that requires getting email addresses and sharing latest content as well as products and services to people that willingly agreed to leave their address so that they can be involved as potential customers.

At the same time, the popularity of emails as the form of communication is still on the highest ranks even though instant messengers are popular as well. Everyone has a valid email address, and we tend to check it out at least once a day, and even more.

Therefore, we can say that by getting an extensive database of email addresses, you will have several potential leads that may become customers in the long run.

Apart from reaching potential customers, you can also develop B2B business data that will help you reach other companies that may use your services and connect with you.

The main problem lies in the idea that the process of collecting addresses can be slower than you want, especially since people have to give you willingly their personal information.

That is when the market became filled with agencies that are selling email-marketing lists for specific industries so that you can avoid waiting for organic reach.

However, how to rely on those agencies, when you need to search online and you will see numerous examples of services that will provide you thousands of addresses for the affordable price tag.

You have to be completely aware that there are numerous examples of frauds in which people threw money away for nothing. However, their main goal was to improve return on investment and to reach real income, so the first thing you should do is avoid too cheap solutions.

According to market trends and supply/demand perspectives, email addresses that feature stable guarantees that 80% of them are valid tend to cost at least twenty cents per name, and even more.

It is expensive when you compare it with a deal that you can get a hundred thousand names for five hundred dollars, but it is way better to find high-quality addresses that will give you positive ROI than to throw your money away for nothing.

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That is why you should follow these rules when choosing an agency that will sell you email and phone marketing lists:

Rules That You Should Follow While Buying Email Addresses

  • Always Double Check Everything – The first and foremost rule is to conduct a live or phone interview with the seller because that way, you can have the first-hand experience on whether things are valid or not. At the same time, if you cannot reach anyone, the best thing you can do is to avoid the agency, because the chances are high that you will get incorrect addresses.
  • Generic Email Addresses – Have in mind that even today, when people are more aware of technology and the internet in general, they are still creating generic addresses such as “info@nameofthecompany.com.” It does not matter what is the industry niche, because generic emails are frequent among numerous businesses from attorney’s top restaurants. At the same time, these addresses are indicators that the agency has not compiled it from web crawlers. However, if you wish to be successful, you have to get personal emails from CEOs and other executives.

Best way to learn how to create an email list by yourself is by checking out this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Build-an-Email-List.

  • 90% Delivery Rate Is Minimum – If you have a long list and a few responses, the question you are asking yourself is why the response rate is so low. Have in mind that ISPs will block your address and send it to spam box in case that you send it to bogus addresses. That is their way of privacy protection, so when you submit a few times and have zero responses, the next time you do it, the other side will not even notice. You have to find an agency where you need to demand a 90% delivery and efficiency rate so that you can get a return on investment. That way, you will protect yourself from fraudulent agencies that want to take your money and disappear.