Become a Preroll Connoisseur Through Lowell Farms and Cafe

For centuries,wine connoisseurs have sought out, collected and sampled the finest vintages that the world’s wineries can offer. Now, with marijuana legalization a reality in California and elsewhere in the United States, cannabis connoisseurs are doing the same thing. They can now learn all they’d like to know about the growers of the buds they consume, and be able to find the most reputable growers and distinguish the premium brands from all others.

In the process of this exciting new kind of product sampling, many have discovered the organic perfection of a Lowell Farms preroll, the flagship products of our “budding” marijuana retail and wholesale operation in Southern California.

The Product of Responsibly Farmed Organic Fields

Quality is everything at Lowell Farms. We pay our people a living wage and expect to get the best from them. We use only organic farming methods. This means, among other things, that no chemical pesticides are ever used on a Lowell crop.

Our fields yield buds that have already gained a reputation far and wide for quality and user experience. Our cannabis prerolls are sold in some 350 stores throughout the state and available online to California residents.22 percent THC

Your Lowell preroll selection will be beautifully and discreetly packaged in quantities of from single to 14 rolls. Our products come in varying THC strengths, from the relatively mild (17 percent THC) Soothing Hybrid to our very robust Rolls Choice (29 percent). You might also place an order for our Hell’s Fire, if for no other reason just to say you did.

This great selection of carefully curated blends in a variety of strengths is just one way we meet the expectations of both the experienced and the novice smoker.

You’ll also find our cold pressed oils for vaping, and CBD smokes when you want to access the multiple benefits of CBD without the mind-altering effect.

Sample Your Purchase at Lowell Cafe

Part of our retail operation at 1201 North La Brea Avenue in West Hollywood includes the prestigious Lowell Cafe. This newly opened eatery has the distinction of being the nation’s first cannabis restaurant and cafe.

It’s under the cuisine direction of renowned marijuana chef Andrea Drummer. The farm-to-table entrees are weed-free, but complement the cannabis smokes you’re invited to enjoy before, after or while you dine. Our state-of-the-art ventilation system keeps the air clean.

You might also choose to dine on our patio under a green canopy of lush vegetation. Reservations are required at Lowell Cafe.

Your casual dining experience might include a choice of vegan cauliflower nachos, black bean burgers, crispy Brussels sprouts with white turnips, white bean and avocado hummus with pickled vegetables or other California gastropub delicacies. The scrumptious dessert menu features the likes of Mexican chocolate sundaes and milkshakes made with toffee, caramel corn or candied pecans.

And just like a knowledgeable sommelier might assist you at another establishment in your wine vintage selection, our flower hosts are readily available to recommend the perfect bud to accompany your meal or whet your appetite.

Online Availability

While our cannabis prerolls, vaping products and other marijuana selections can’t be shipped out of state, you can still sample the Lowell Farms experience from wherever you live. Visit us online for Lowell Farms-branded t-shirts, ashtrays, grinders, canvas totes and other top-quality and highly sought gear. Your order will be shipped to you in discreet packaging.

We’re happy to make you a part of the Lowell Farms family and invite your eventual visit to our retail store and Lowell Cafe in North Hollywood, California. We’ll make a bud connoisseur out of you yet.