Detailed tutorial: Hack PS Classic for more free games with Bleemsync

Hackers have heard the message of the entire PlayStation community and it is the nickname “MadMonkey”, already known to have dropped the security of the NES Mini and SNES, who took care of the new machine Sony. In the same way as for the Nintendo consoles, it created a script to hack the console using its USB port. The solution was not too bad since it only takes a few hours to access the system of the Playstation Classic. But it remains too complex for some noobs and lazy guys, I will recommend the all-in-one tool True blue mini for them, thanks to 58 or 101 games preloaded, you can just enjoy your PS1 games in the way of Plug&Play !

Hack PS Classic with Bleemsync 4.1

Here we go at first with the free hacking method.

1) Required

  • BleemSync 4.1 (at tutorial time):…eases/tag/0.4.1
  • USB Stick storage up to 64gb (by micro sd or usb, no exhaustive list of 100% functional keys)
  • Guiformat

2) Preparation of the USB Stick

  1. Format your USB in fat32 and name it SONY.
  2. 64gb requires the use of Guiformat!
  3. Unzip the Bleemsync zip into your USB.

The stick is ready to receive the games.

3) Adding games

Each game you add will need to be inserted under the folder: Sony / Games

The Games folder already has two games as examples.

The first is Metal Gear Solid as shown.

In this example, the creator used the game id as the file name but you could safely put it;

  • MGS.bin
  • MGS.cue
  • MGS.png

In any case, special characters must be avoided to avoid problems.

Each game must scrupulously follow the same path as the example:

  1. First Metal gear solid
  2. Second Tomb Raider
  3. Third Gran Turismo
  4. Fourth Final Fantasy VII (Multi Disc)




Games/2/GameData/Tomb raider.bin

Tomb raider.cue

Tomb raider.png

Games/3/GameData/Gt 2.bin

Gt 2.cue

Gt 2.png

Games/4/GameData/FF VII(disc1).bin

FF VII(disc1).cue

FF VII(disc1).png

FF VII(disc2).bin

FF VII(disc2).cue

FF VII(disc3).bin

FF VII(disc3).cue

FF VII(disc4).bin

FF VII(disc4).cue

For covers, only the .png format will be read by ps classic. It should have the same name as the .bin and .cue files. If it’s a multi-disc, use the disc1 name only for the .png

4) Writing the Game.ini

A specific Game.ini file will have to be modified in each folder / gamedata.

Copy the game.ini from the example included in Games / 1 / gamedata and insert it into each game folder you have created.

It must be set in relation to its direct file using the notepad.

Let’s take the example from above:


  • Discs=MGS                             (name of .cue)
  • Title=Metal Gear Solid              (name of the game)
  • Publisher=Konami                    (editor)
  • Players=2                                (numbers of players)
  • Year=1998                               (release year)

Also, do not forget the pcsx.cfg file that does not require any modification by copying it from the example of the sample folders provided.

5) Synchronization of Bleemsync.exe

Last step ; go to the bleemsync folder and launch Bleemsync.exe.

It will create regional.db under

  • SONY / System / Databases

This will incorporate the changes you just made by adding your latest games.

Each time you add a game you will have to execute the .exe

6) Launch Ps Classic

  1. Connect your USB to port 2 first
  2. Plug in your controller
  3. Plug in the power supply
  4. Press ON
  5. Let’s Play

Since the update 4.0 Bleemsync can support 2 players using a hub. But anyway it’s still a complex guide to follow, and there is the risk of breaking your console. If you don’t mind to spend 30 euros to buy a USB stick with preloaded games, I recommend you the True blue mini for PS classic mini, it’s a more effective and safer way to hack your PS classic.

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