How Much Time Do You Need For SEO Optimization

SEO can be described as a continuous process of raising and maintaining positions in search results. From this definition, it is clear that this is not a short-term action that can be concluded after a certain period, with the optimization being completed and completed. It is challenging to determine the specific time that SEO requires.

SEO can be divided into two phases. Input and maintenance phase. The entry phase is different for new websites and already existing sites, but the maintenance phase is the same for new and established websites.

The Initial Phase Of SEO New Website

In the new website, the entry phase of SEO services(According to SEO agency, Minimice Group which is the term in thai) optimization is done in the framework of programming and building pages. Programmers should ensure the validity and purity of the code, the use of URLs suitable for SEO – so-called basic optimization. When creating content, it is necessary to follow the general principles of SEO, ie, pay attention to the number of occurrences of keywords, use of headings, bullets, etc. It is also advisable to start link building, ie, building backlinks. It is recommended that you register your site, at least in the central and industry-specific catalogs.

However, it is necessary to count on the indexing of robots into search engines. For a new page, it may take months for search engines to discover it through a link from other websites. Therefore, it is necessary to alert the search engine to the emergence of new websites by entering the URL into a service designed specifically for this purpose. The search engine then visits the site regularly and records all changes.

Having the site indexed as soon as it is created, even if it contains only essential texts, is the best there is. Concern that the search engine might find the site unattractive and that you will wait quite a long time for further changes. If you have at least essential content on your site, you have correctly filled in keywords, titles, and their order, then the search engine can include the website in search results immediately after indexing.

The length of the SEO input phase is directly proportional to the length of the website construction. For new websites, at least one month should be expected, but for more significant sites, the entire process is likely to take longer.