How To Surprise Your Male Lover

Generallywe talk about gifts, parties, celebrations, but we hardly think of surprises, perhaps because they require more work. But, in the end, they are worth it. Surprises make the occasion more exciting and memorable. Surprises makes the serene more romantic and sweet for your man. Here are some few options on ow to surprise your male lover.

Relaxing (Or Non-Relaxing) Massage

To give your boyfriend a very intimate and personal surprise, why not give him a simple massage with essential oils check A surprise is what the person does not expect.

A fragrance that you will always hit is that of sweet almonds. If you have never given her a relaxing massage, it can be a good gift. Make this birthday/anniversary memorable for him. You can find many tutorials on the internet to learn how to give a good massage.

A Surprise At The Door

If you don’t like sophisticated surprises, you can also organize something simpler. All you have to do is surprise your boyfriend in the morning at his door when he is not expecting him.

You can go with some gifts and a rich breakfast to give you an unforgettable morning. To increase the effect, write to him a day before and propose a plan for the afternoon so that he will not expect anything in the morning.

Surprise Party                                        

This idea is a classic, but it always works, the surprise party. Organize in a group the assistants, catering, activities to carry out even a short speech.

There is no best time for this plan, but if your partner has a season of a lot of work, stress, and little social life, he will surely love to disconnect for a while with the closest people. Spending time with loved ones will be an excellent gift for him.