A garden is majorly targeted towards growing of plants for aesthetic, cultivation and nature purposes. Not all gardens make use of plants as other nature features could be used instead. For instance, Zen gardens and some other traditional eastern gardens make use of no or little plants while English landscape gardens omit plants all together. Lots of garden designs ranging from set designs to random artistic DIY garden decorations can be used.The decorations used on a garden can do a lot more than add aesthetic effects. It could also be used for portraying a certain theme such as a holiday season.

It is important to note that a garden does not only include natural items but also includes man-made or artificial items for extra beautification effects.

Holiday Garden themes

Garden designs do not only include the usual traditional and modern styles but could also be tweaked to accommodate an holiday feel. Gardens can be redecorated or originally decorated for a certain holiday season. Most prefer to make adjustments to their original garden as it tends to cost less and less cumbersome to redesign once the holiday season is over. Others prefer to make original garden designs to accommodate more artistic ideas. 

Christmas theme 

Christmas decorations are quite popular and can be made more spectacular by extending the designs to the garden. During the cold winter, plants generally shed their leaves leaving very green gardens empty till the next warm weather. This is a very good idea for a Christmas feel. There are certain plants that tend not to loose their look even during like evergreen conifers such as spruce, pine and fir used as the legendary Christmas tree as well as Lily of the valley, lavender, pansies and mahonia.  A couple of flower pots with evergreen conifers or synthetic representations could be installed at certain locations and a couple of Christmas trees could be added as well. Pine cones and Christmas’s ornaments can be placed in the flower pots. You could never go wrong with a couple of animal garden ornaments such as reindeer sculptures or statues for more Christmassy effect. Ornamental walls can also be installed with Christmas decorations on them. 

Halloween theme

Halloween decorations are basically intended to give a scary effect. An Halloween theme is not so difficult to achieve and minor adjustments could be made to a garden to achieve that. Carved pumpkins and skeletons or skulls are important to this decoration. The pumpkins can be arranged in different forms to suit personal taste. Cobwebs can also be added at strategic points for a scarier Halloween feel. A witch’s figure can be installed depending on the owner’s choice to scare unsuspecting visitors. For a more fun and scary Halloween night, a cackling witch could be used. 


Professionals are sometimes used for decorating and designing a garden. Some individuals prefer decorations made by experts while others prefer to design and decorate their gardens themselves for signature uniqueness. Various sorts of decorations can be used to perfectly blend the garden’s concept or sometimes contrast the concept with an artistic uniqueness.