Injured in Kent? Consider taking action immediately!

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Personal injury law is intrinsically hard to comprehend. If you have suffered injuries in an accident in Kent due to the other side’s fault, you have to file a lawsuit and seek compensation for the endured losses. This could sound easy on paper, but with insurance companies handling such claims, winning a settlement could be a lot tougher than you think. Immediately after getting injured in Kent, you should consider hiring an attorney. Taking prompt action can come in handy in a number of ways. Here’s our take on the same.

Evidence is paramount

Your immediate focus needs to be on seeking care and treatment for your injuries. Serious injuries could mean months of recovery. If you are okay after the accident, consider gathering information from the scene. Take photos that can show your injuries, what happened at the scene, and other things that were damaged. If you can’t do that, you should let an attorney investigate on your behalf. Gathering the small details could be a lot tougher if you don’t do that right away. 

You have a small deadline

The statute of limitations is a unique law that determines deadlines for filing lawsuits after an accident. In Washington, your time limit is three years. No matter whether you are filing an injury lawsuit or a wrongful death case, you need to file the same within three years from the accident date. With wrongful death lawsuits, the deadline starts from the date of the deceased’s death. 

Insurance companies will not help

The statute of limitations is not for insurance claims. If you don’t inform the insurance company and file your claim within a short time, they will deny your claim. As you file the claim and discuss a settlement, the deadline continues to run. Insurance companies don’t care for settlements and always want the parties to settle things in court. A trial could be an expensive alternative, and to file a claim, you need to be quick. 

Get an attorney

If you are recovering from your injuries and don’t want to worry about the statute of limitations, let your attorney help you with the basics. Your lawyer can ensure that you don’t lose time, and more importantly, they can negotiate claims on your behalf. A good accident attorney can improve your chances, and if a trial seems necessary, they would prep for the case accordingly. 

Call an attorney soon and get a free initial consultation.