Things All Good Private Schools All Have in Common


When we first look into the eyes of our baby we often wonder who they will be one day. When they grow up and become adults who will they become. Will they be strong, educated young men and women? Or will they find a trade that they love and live a long and prosperous life. There are also many fears. What if we don’t make the right decisions? What if something goes wrong? Many big decisions in our child’s life have to do with education. Consider these few things that most private schools have in common.

Critical Thinking

When it comes to public school there are a lot more ‘standards’ that they have to get their students to reach. The public education system sets these standards in place to ensure that all children in the United States are getting a great quality education. President Bush put this in place with his No Child Left Behind act. So public schools often focus on teaching the information so that the student can pass a test. Whereas private schools have a better focus on critical thinking. How to utilize the information being taught to apply it to real situations. How to utilize common sense and the taught information to critically think through life. This is a huge benefit for the child in the long run.


The aspect of living on campus and boarding at the school is another great perk to private school. The focus becomes on education and less about the social aspects of childhood. This is because all aspects of life are educated through a school system. All the way down to making your bed and taking a shower. The boarding aspect also teaches valuable lessons in socialization that public school just can’t offer. Learning to live with and get along with all types of other people can be highly beneficial when it comes to college and further in life.

College Preparatory Classes

In private school there is oftentimes access to college preparatory classes. Along with that a lot of private schools offer college level credits to their older students. So even when your child is a junior or senior in high school they could be making college credits in private schools Atlanta GA. There is a huge focus on college being the next step after school. Whereas public school will often push technical schools or go straight into the workforce.

Stronger Focus on School

Public school has so many distractions of extra curricular activities. From basketball to football there are a lot of other focuses other than education. Public schools love their sports. Whereas private schools highly focus on the educational aspect with the sports and extracurricular activities being a side focus. When education is the number one focus the students come out stronger and more well rounded.

Higher Quality

The teachers at private schools are typically higher quality. The private schools don’t rely on public money for functioning. The money that parents pay to have their kid in school is much more reliable than public money. So there is more money to go around for higher quality personnel at the school.


When we have our first child we realize that there are so many huge decisions that we are responsible for. We have to choose how to help our child get the best education possible. For some people the option of going to private school is there. If you have the option for private school for your children, take it. These are just a few things that most great private schools Atlanta GA have in common.