Unusual Tricks For Taking Photos With Your Cell Phone

You activate the camera, point the cell phone at what you want to photograph, and press the button to click. Taking a photo can be just that. But with creativity, you can make the photos you take with your smartphone even more fun. And we’re not talking about filters or apps, but rather some unusual tricks from beginners photo editor that will expand your photo possibilities and, for sure, will make your Instagram (and your Phosphatic pack) a success.

Panoramic Sequence

This trick lets you play around with panorama mode. Ask a person to position themselves in the starting place of the photo and move the cell phone. Once she’s out of the picture, stop the phone and ask her to position herself at the next point (remind her to exit the side already captured and move behind the photographer). The same person will appear in the image several times, with different poses.

Photographing With Binoculars

Photo binoculars? Yes! By placing the cell phone camera on the lens of the binoculars (it can even be one of those small and childish ones), you get an even bigger zoom and a different effect, creating a vignette around the photograph.


Macrophotography is not the strength of smartphones, but this can be solved with a straightforward trick: drip a drop of water into your cell phone’s camera. You’ll be able to photograph incredible details that are often invisible to the naked eye.

Colored Effect With Cellophane Paper

How about creating a fantastic color effect with cellophane? Cut pieces of paper of different colors and place them in front of the cell phone camera. Ready! See how elements of your photo look like when they’re wrapped in a bluish or reddish hue, for example.

Extender With Headset

Not everyone knows, but headphones aren’t just for music. It can be instrumental when taking pictures. Pressing the volume button works as a trigger button extender. You can use a tripod as an aid, and you’ll be able to take selfies with a little more distance without your arm holding the smartphone.

Forced Perspective

You can use forced perspective to create unusual images, making the photographed element appear much larger or smaller than it is. To create the perspective photo effect, the person or object, which looks giant, should be closer to the camera and the other far away. This trick can be done with any component so that you can make the most of your creativity.