What do you understand by Cash-Out?

  1. Cash-out is a characteristic that permits the gamers to shut their bets earlier than the choices are finished, which will get an element or maybe the whole of the stake positioned.
  2. Cash-out is to be had on Single and Multiple bets, prematch and live, and if all choices at the wager slip have the Cash-out image present.
  3. This alternative might not be to be had in any respect activities, nor always of the occasion. It also can be eliminated at any time.
  4. The calculation of the quantity to be had to Cash-out is up to date routinely and its miles are primarily based totally on the stake, the unusual with which the wager changed into registered, and the variant of the percentages after setting the wager. You can also visit on
  5. The minimal quantity to be had to Cash-out is 0,10 € and the most quantity is the whole stake positioned. According to the regulator, this selection can’t provide winnings.
  6. Once the participant chooses the Cash-out the wager may be closed, and he can’t obtain any winnings from that wager afterward. This alternative isn’t reversible. 
  7. It ought to additionally be mentioned that after making Cash-Out on a wager it’ll now no longer depend on playthrough purposes.

How do you calculate the Booster?

  • The percent of the Booster simplest impacts the ability winnings/earnings of your wager, which means that it doesn’t encompass the stake quantity.
  • Taking the pictures from the preceding instance, we can see that, after selecting the provider, the opti-odds disappear, however the unusual of the wager will increase.
  • The components to calculate the boosted odds are the following:

(Odds without boost – 1) * (Boost + 1) + 1 = New Odds

  • In this particular case:

(3,175 – 1) * (0, 2 + 1) + 1 = 3,61

  • The components to calculate the ability winnings with the Booster are: 

New Odds vs Stake 3, 61 * €2 = €7,22

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Boosters can simplest be used with actual cash.
  2. Winnings are paid out in actual cash simplest.
  3. A wager positioned with a Booster does now no longer depend closer to the playthrough.
  4. A wager positioned with a Booster does now no longer earn Club and VIP points.
  5. Cash-out isn’t to be had on bets positioned with a Booster.
  6. Bets positioned with a Booster do now no longer depend closer to unlocking any unfastened bets.
  7. Boosters are the simplest to be had for an unmarried or blended wager.
  8. Only one Booster may be used consistent with the wager.
  9. Each booster can simplest be used as soon as consistent with the participant.
  10. Bets positioned with Booster aren’t to be had for every other promotions.
  11. Booster is implemented to the winnings simplest, without the stake price.