Most of the brands follow trends but Cheyenne cigars create a new trend in the tobacco market. They approach the customer and ask them what they need and make products in order to satisfied their interests. This made Cheyenne cigars more popular. If you are looking for best and high-quality popular flavours, without any doubt choose Cheyenne cigars.


Cheyenne Cigars Company was launched in 2002. While launching Cheyenne saw that market need a quality filtered cigar that was affordable for all consumers.  So after two years the company was formed, Cheyenne launched its first filtered cigar. Later Cheyenne emerged as a leader in the filtered cigar boom. Cheyenne cigars follow customer-centric approach has the central to its operating philosophy. They have the foresight about what people expect from their brand. So they give more care for the combination of quality tobacco, expert manufacturing and great taste this really set them apart. They are small in size.

Categories of Cheyenne cigars

Cheyenne cigars have a large variety of flavours. Cheyenne Cigars fall into a number of categories, including Cheyenne, Derringer, Decade, Aura and Body Shot. All these categories are best for one another. They have a rich taste. Cheyenne cigars are available in many flavours like classic menthol flavour and fruit-tinged choices like peach, wild cherry, grape and berry.

Aura cigarettes: they are natural, rustic products from Cheyenne. It is available in two flavours Menthol Glen and Sky Blue.

Body Shot cigars:  Body Shot cigars are flavoured similar to that of cocktails.The ideal for those who like to smoke cigars with a pleasant aroma while enjoying their favourite beverages. These cigars have flavours similar to   the sweet, berry flavours in sangria, or the sugar, minty taste of mojito, Classic cocktails like rum and cola etc

Tobacco for Cheyenne cigars

Cheyenne cigars are made using the perfect tobacco from all over the world. This selection of tobacco ensures that Cheyenne cigars give high-quality blend. These cigars are made in the U.S. at Grover, North Carolina. They also support locals in this economically depressed region

Special about Cheyenne cigars

Even though they sell cigars they knew very well about the side effects of it. So without affecting quality, they made many regulations in their product to ensure a user’s safe health. They are also working on a line of cigars and cigarettes without tobacco, for those who want to engage in healthier smoking experience than smoking traditional cigars. They are a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive cigars in the market.

How to Smoke a Cheyenne Cigar?

You must follow a certain style to get the complete majestic experience of smoking Cheyenne cigars.

Steps for Enjoying a Cheyenne Cigar

Remove the package

  • Light the cigar using, a torch lighter.
  • Inhale the smoke into your mouth and careful about entering smoke into your lungs.
  • Take your time and slowly enjoy the cigar.
  • Exhale the smoke  through your nose to experience the scent directly.
  • Take  drags continually.